Holland Village People, Get off Your High Horses

Have you heard the rant of the nutjob Holland Village resident, Samantha, who said that people from the heartlands (like Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Bedok, etc) should not go to Holland Village because they're not cultured enough and therefore... do not fit in with the Holland Village residents...?

The Married Men - "Samantha's 'Cultured' Call" by radio913

It was on the radio... but I don't listen to the radio.. so I got it off the internet. Listen.. listen.. and have a laugh.

The Married Men - "Maddy from Bedok defends the Heartlanders" by radio913

Then another girl, rang in to defend heartlanders. I applaud her for doing so. But I have to say, she did a crappy job of it. Started making excuses (apologies?) as to why heartlanders push their way through crowds?? Wtf. Stand your ground woman!

Anyway, I am sure not every Holland Village resident is as deluded as Samantha who thinks she is higher and mightier than the rest of us simply because she lives in Holland Village. Her rant in itself has shown Singapore that she is indeed uncultured and distasteful.... and most of all Deluded.

I mean.. Hello (some) Holland Village People... why do you insist on referring to Holland Village as "Holland"? It is nothing like Holland... have you looked around that actual stretch of Holland V? It looks more like a street in Thailand than it does any place in Holland. ( I am not insulting Thailand.. I am merely pointing out that it looks like it could be a street in Thailand).

And no, referring to it as Holland is not a short form... Holland V, yes, understood it's a short form for Holland Village.. even HV is ok. But Holland is the Netherlands, my friends, not Singapore.

I don't say I am going for fish head curry in India when I am actually going to Little India, now, do I?

And how presumptuous of her to think that we're all dying to hang out in Holland V because it's so "cultured". Is she caught in a time warp circa the 1990s?

Granted, they still have that mama shop with a good selection of magazines, that cheap electronics store, a couple of good Italians and one semi decent vegetarian joint in Chip Bee gardens .... but the rest of it is one dusty dirty construction site.

Maybe in a few years it might be a cool place for the "cultured", but Samantha, you should get out a bit more. Join us on Arab street one night... afterall, that's where all the cool folks are. Don't worry, we're not elitist bullshitters, so we won't judge your presence in this neck of the woods.

You might want to leave your horse behind though...


  1. She's lucky this is Singapore and not US else she'll end up like the ching chong girl in UCLA lol.

  2. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Well said, Holly! Wish you had been the one sparring with her on radio though. Agreed that girl did a bad job out of it! Urg!

  3. Anonymous3:10 pm

    WHAT THE FUCK? This Samantha is probably an uneducated lady living off a rich guy hence her sort of mentality!

  4. Anonymous3:17 pm

    "Distasteful" just about describes Samantha's misguided eliticism. What a turn-off.

  5. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Hilarious...Samantha speaks so well...not! Funny, next we will get people from Bukit Timah/River Valley/Tanglin telling Holland V People to stay away because they are even higher class?? Get a life!

  6. hmm... samantha = disgrace



  7. Anonymous8:28 pm

    hey holly, I cant help wondering whether it is real or staged. I strongly suspect that it is an april fool's joke since april the 1st is round the corner?

    Do you recall the other time 987fm did something like that on the shan & ross show with ris low where ross stomped off from air due to her intolerance of ris low but in the end it was just all an april fool's joke?

    Like the way both of the callers spoke, it sounded so scripted. Just listen to their tone especially from the bedok caller, it sounded one word after one word, like a typewriter with no conviction to what she was saying. I was expecting a heated altercation but it was as though both of them were just having a mild disagreement over tea and scones.

  8. Sherin8:30 pm

    Seriously, what rubbish!!! How dare she seriously... what she did was pretty darn uncultured!

  9. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Btw holly, it could be an April fool's joke by the station, right?

  10. Samantha is such an elitist bitch. And before she gets on her high horse and acts all atas, 'shove' is 'sh-aaaaah-ve', not 'sh-ohhhhhh-ve'.
    And I've never thought of Holland V as being prestigious/higher class, just a little bohemian. If you want to talk about Keppel Bay or even some districts in Bukit Timah as being prestigious, well yeah..but Holland V? Give me a break, woman.

  11. Anonymous12:34 am

    Hi Holly! =)

    Not sure if you have heard, but that Samantha has apologised on air:

    Her "What makes you think that im not a rich person, hmm?" in the apology call is such a turn-off!

    Now i know, a cultured person is one who loves to stereotype people. Hmm..

  12. Anonymous2:18 am

    I live 3 mins walk from Holland Village and I dress in shorts and sandals to Holland V all the time.
    Come on...you think people who live near Holland village will dress up just to grab a quart from the supermarket?!
    I think this Samantha is the one who don't live near Holland which is why she thinks that way.

  13. Andrea5:31 am

    I don't want an uncivilized person like Samantha to come to my countries - New Zealand and Norway.

    From your heartlander Singaporean who is now a New Zealander and going onwards to start a new life in atas Norway.

    **People I am making a dig at Sam. Don't shoot me! :):):) I'm a nice person.

  14. Anonymous9:38 am

    She's brought stupidity to a whole new level. Good job sam!

  15. interpretation of samantha's "apology" call =
    i am too proud to apologize, but if i dont, i'm gonna make the samantha name sound so bad it'll become the last name anyone ever want to call their girly dolls anymore.

    aka, shes apologizing people, just to make you stop bad mouthing her. but she just cant say sorry, her skin is paper thin. give her a break, she'll go back and cry to her rich momma or dada. awwww.

  16. nutjob is right. that chick is shallowness at its epitome.

  17. Anonymous7:13 pm

    hey i understand how you feel but you shouldnt judge all holland village people from samantah right? "horses"..like its a collective term and that they are all the same. you shouldn't stereotype like that.

  18. Anonymous10:19 am

    You should not have referenced Holland Village to looking like 'a street in Thailand', cos' since Holland Village is in Singapore, the streets in Holland Village should be likened to looking like any other street in Singapore.

    I don't get you really, you want to comment on her harsh and insensible remarks, but you don't really do your homework on referencing, do you? Because, bringing another country's name into the picture just doesn't deliver your point.

  19. This reminds me of the ris low/rozz lee stunt 987fm pulled.


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