Watsons Ambassador 2011

Look at my goodie bag :)

Was at a Watsons blogger's workshop last week. Watsons is one of my new sponsors this year! I'll be showing you my Watsons haul every month, and giveaway stuff to my readers too!

The workshop was a fun way to learn more about Watsons' exclusive range of products. I love hands on activities.

Tried the DHC Collagen Beauty 7000. It's made of collagen from fish... but don't worry, no taste of fish at all.. it's nice and fruity tasting actually. I Like.

(DHC is Japan's number 1 mail order skincare brand... and now it's available at Watsons in Singapore).

I also tried out the DHC 4 Simple Steps range, which is the Olives Essentials Series. If you like pure and organic products, you should check this range out. My favourite is the last step (moisture) because the moisturiser is actually Olive Virgin Oil! Pure, organic and cold pressed. The best there is really.

It glides on smoothly on my face (must NOT rub in). Keeps skin feeling supple And best of all.. doesn't smell stinky like the usual olive oils.

The past week, I've been using Pure Beauty's Black pearl, it's a luxury anti-aging skincare line from Watsons . I have the whole set... which comprises of the day cream, night cream, eye cream, cleanser, toner and essence.

The night cream is so luxurious. As you know, I have dry sensitive skin so I'm always on the lookout for very emolient moisturisers which can give my skin the moisture it needs yet does not leave a sticky residue. I give this night cream the thumbs up! :)

All these products in the Black Pearl series are made of tahitian black pearls, and has Nano technology (meaning the paticles are super duper tiny and can penetrate deep down to deliver goodness to your skin).

But the best part is, it comes to us at a low cost at Watsons.

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    congrats! Looking forwards to see your Watsons updates and haul every month!

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    thanks for this nice post 111213


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