Modelling for Luxe Ciel

Last week, I modelled for LuxeCiel's Collection 8, which is out now! And Collection 9 will launch this Thursday (17Feb).

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from these 2 new collections... (Visit LuxeCiel to view the whole collection)

I wore the white version of this toga dress for Valentine's dinner 2 nights ago. I had a great Vday weekend. Tell you about it later tomorrow.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Indulge in LuxeCiel...


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Where did you get this pair of pretty wedges?

  2. wedges frm the blog shop (at 35 haji lane)

  3. hey holly, they have some nice clothes but the photography is terrible. Pictures are over exposed and the white pieces just fade into the background. I wouldnt purchase something that is not clear. Just my two cents...

  4. Hi Dee - LuxeCiel's photography concept has always been non-cluttered with a plain bright white background that is lit too.

    But yes, the white clothes do fade into the bright white background. Will feedback to them. thanks :)

    They did have a pink background for Valentine's collections... perhaps that was better?


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