HSBC Womens Champions

I must admit, for a girl who dated a golf pro for two years in her early 20s, and even caddied once for him in the Singapore Open (in a cute mini green tartan no less)... my knowledge of golf was appalling.

Appallingly bad.

So when HSBC approached me to blog for the HSBC Women's Champions a month ago, my brain raised its little skeptical eyebrow.

But today, at the end of the HWC, I'm so glad I agreed to do it. It's been a fabulous month!
(Click Here to read about my Golf Lesson in prep)

Being out of my element (which over the last couple of years of my blogging career has been more beauty and fashion based), has made me experience so much, learn an interesting new sport and make some good friends along the way.

The atmosphere at the finals today was fantastic. So many people love the sport, and it was especially evident from the throngs of people who moved through the course watching Arimura and Karrie Webb. Everytime they moved to a new hole, people would march along so eagerly, it was like a mini stampede. And to see so many people go dead quiet, and hold their breaths at key moments of the game, made it seem like these women had the power to make time stand still.For those who don't know the results, Webb recorded a last-day 69 to finish on a 72-hole aggregate of 13-under 275 and edge Arimura (71 today) by a single stroke. The purse for the HWC is 1.4 million!!!

For those who were there today, I'm sure you'll agree that it was a great game. For those who missed it, well... I guess there's always next year! :)
(My readers who received tickets in the giveaway I held, do let me know how the experience was for you).

Pics of Karrie Webb and Arimura courtesy of Getty Images.
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  1. grammar nazi10:20 pm

    raise ITS little skeptical eyebrow, not it's. I seriously hope that was a typo and not grammar ignorance.

    Why no mention of our singaporean representative at all? =(

  2. yes yes raiseD ITS skeptical eyebrow.

    typo la. :)

    shld've pointed out I wrote " and even caddied once for him in the Singapore Open for him " as well.... only just noticed it.. just got home from watching No Strings Attached.

    corrections to typos made. night night then.

  3. Anonymous8:30 pm

    i went for last years tournament
    and it was so Hooot! that i was begging my husband to punch me in the face cos i rather b in ER!
    gave e a weird tan line on my neck from the TAG pass thingy..

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