ClubCouture Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

Pics from the ClubCouture shoot are out. :) As usual, it was a super fun photoshoot with them. For Melissa Faith Yeo and I, it is the second year as ClubCouture ambassadors.

And there'll be some new ClubCouture ambassadors joining us this year... including Crystal whom I became friends with at a fashion show we did at MarinaBaySands last year.

Together we'll be bringing you all the updates, promos and contests ClubCouture has to offer in 2011. :)
Here are some behind the scenes shots ...I went to the shoot straight after another meeting I had that morning. Eyedrops for my tired eyes!
For everything else...
...there's make up!This pink cherry babydoll dress I wore to the studio is also from ClubCouture btw!The studio (somewhere in Lavander)...This is my first outfit...
I just love the full zipper back of my second outfit!
How do I pose with this prop? Well, it was either this high chair or the ladder. Crystal in the hot red bodycon...Esther Xie striking a pose for our photographer Kelvin.
New girls, Regina Chow and Jolene Loh
Melissa in a white dress. I love white dresses!

My final shots:
The Victoria Strapless Dress. Yes, the one with the sexy zipper back. I love the length and cut of this dress too. It's long enough to be non-slutty, yet it's still sexy.
The Bella Bodycon. Love the piping (lines) on it, makes for favourable optical illusions. :) This dress is stretchy, and very comfortable to wear. Goes well with nude heels.

Check out ClubCouture's latest arrivals and their new collection CityLights. :)


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    You're so slim and slender looking! :)

  2. Anonymous3:50 pm

    yes HJ,
    u look statue-like. so flawless and tanned.

  3. Anonymous7:10 pm

    you're frightfully skinny...

  4. Wow i like the last pic! You look fab holly!

  5. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Hi! I know this is really random but I just started reading your blog at work a few minutes ago, clicked on the "Who's My Mystery Man" link to view your post and now all I can do is hope and pray that my colleagues didn't see what I saw. You should've labelled it NSFW (not suitable for work) Holly!

    Nonetheless, it made me feel a lot more awake just when I was falling asleep ;)

  6. Anonymous3:58 pm

    you look gorgeous in the first and last pic!
    the brown tube dress looks great on you :)


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