What I thought of SHOP

My friend N and I were at SHOP: The Fashion Bazaar by Heat Branding on Saturday.
My dress is from theblogshop.sg , bag from ClubCouture. Somehow, I woke up that morning with a sore left eye though :(oemI only got there at 3pm, but turn out was pretty good at that time, despite the wet weather. Most of the girls flocked to the Mary Kay cosmetics booth.

I expected a lot more stalls, and a bigger variety of clothes and definitely better discounts for an event like this which girls pay $20 to get in to. The $200 goodie bag was made up of an L'Officiel magazine, and discount coupons.

They did however, give away some nice lucky draw prizes to guests...
And the mobile bar serving cosmopolitans was a very cool idea.
I didn't go to the after party, but I suppose free entry and 2 free drinks at Stereolabs would defintely make your $20 well spent.
There was also finger food for guests...
...as well as free shoulder massages, which my friend N says is Gooooood....
Overall, I think Heat Branding put in a good effort in organising this event, it's the first one ever, in Singapore... however, I think that there should have been many more stalls, and better deals. I'm sure that the next SHOP event will be even better than this first one.