Of Angels and Crystals

I'm not a particularly religious or spiritual person. But I've always been a believer in karma and destiny, and I base a lot of decisions in life on vibes I get. You know.. the head says one thing... but then your heart or gut just feels something else altogether?

I once had my aura read a few years back, and found a lot of it to be true. They even advised me not to wear my jade bracelet (which I used to always wear) because I had a hot temper and it did not help the situation (something to do with the energy?? I cannot remember exactly what).

I do believe that crystals have energies and have different effects on different kinds of people. When done correctly, the right crystals can have a positive effect on your life and relationships.

I am also super interested in Angel Cards. This is good when you have questions which you want guidance in.

I met a nice lady, Elyse, the other day from MyCrystalSparkles.com . She can do crystal therapy, make custom crystal jewellery to suit your needs (can be based on your zodiac etc) and she can read Angel Cards too. Will try a reading with her one day when I find the time.

The crystal jewellery that she sells are handcrafted. cleansed and recharged before they are shipped out.

(Pic above: Snowflake Obsidian and Onyx Necklace ~ Keeps you calm and puts you in a receptive frame of mind and keeps negative away.)

Crystals are tuned to your own energy field/ aura to further assist you to improve your life. The use of crystals can bring about healing and positive changes in the body and mind.

(Pic above: Rose Quartz ~ This is a simple and elegant piece. Attracting good and positive relationships.)

MyCrystalSparkles.com is having 20% of the stated price (for a limited time only).
You can also customize your 2011 Crystal Bracelets to suit your taste/style as well as get her to pick the type of crystals which would be most beneficial to you.
So if you're interested in such stuff, and also like jewellery you should check her site out. Join MyCrystalSparkles Facebook page for additional discounts and to receive latest news.

And Elyse is also going to host a small Workshop to teach participants to channel energy from the Angelic kingdom to heal you and your loved ones, you will also learn how to use Angel Cards to do readings for yourself. There are limited seats, so if you're interested, just Email mycrystalsparkles@gmail.com , so she can let you know more details.
There's also a new blogshop in the scene. It's called Angel's Loft. And yes, it's clothes will fit you skinny girls... but the thing about Angel's Loft which I want to point out is that is caters to the bigger girls too!
This blogshop was created because the owner was sick of seeing teeny tiny dresses on sale all the time in Blogshops, and she could not find clothes for women who were not a size double zero...

I modelled for them in their very first collection (photography was done by TBS).
Many nice tunics with embroidery... like this bohemian chic one, which is long enough to wear as a dress too.MNG inspired top. (Size S to L). The back is smocked, the front has contrasting embroidery.Also comes in white.This is my favourite piece, the Flutter butterfly, worn with jeggings.

Love the embroidery... the elastic underbust and the rich green colour.

This collection has simple comfy pieces, but each one has lovely detail.

From embroidery to buttons, ruffles, frills! Check out the sexy tank tops with the FULL LACE back!

Check it all out at Angel's Loft. For my readers, quote Holly Jean for Free normal mail.

There will be a open house event for viewing of the clothes on 12th feb 2011 (5pm-10pm)
Venue: Costa del Sol (function room)
Special discount only for the day. :)


  1. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Im still curious about how you and GB met!

  2. Anonymous6:07 pm

    He was a friend on FB. She blogged about it before. Here - http://www.hollyjean.sg/2010/10/working-my-ass-off.html

  3. Anonymous6:12 pm

    pic with shorts n black top - is that cellulite ?

  4. sun phobe6:24 pm

    She met GB on her Facebook.


    Btw, the sun looks blasting in the pics. Nice tan.

  5. Anonymous8:45 am

    Where'd you get your wedge/heel for the shoot?!

  6. yes, tht's how GB and I met.

    @anon6.12 - hope not!

    @sunphobe - yes, was unusually hot tht day.

    @ anon8.45- It was given to me by TheBlogSHop (link in my sidebar, u cld email them to find out i guess)

  7. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Hi Holly,

    is the card reading thing and the crystals expensive??? Usually this type of thing is pretty expensive.. I knew a friend who got his black crystal bracelet for like $800!! but it's a very powerful crystals according to him and the crystals suit him... as in the energy and all that.. and girls r not supposed to wear it coz it's too strong..


    PS: Looking pretty at the Green Hornet Preview. :)

  8. Don't think it's THAT expensive ($800 is madness! I wld not even think of doing it if it's 800 bucks!).

    Her rates shld be listed on her website.

    Think there's a special rate currently, of $68 for angel card reading... IIRC. Her webby link is in the post.

  9. Anonymous2:29 pm

    where did u get those jeggings? love! also your white jeans that u've been wearing so often? they look fab on u! I have the same body type as u, hope u found them at places u can direct me to!

  10. The jeggings - Angel's Loft

    my white skinnies - a brand called American Rag. Skye got it for me from the US years ago.


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