My Perfect Imperfections Tag

This video is my Perfect Imperfections Tag. In it, I tell you my 3 imperfections and 3 perfections. I was just focused on the physical ... (seems all the perfect imperfections tags on youtube are such)... maybe next one I'll do character flaws and strengths instead.

Some more photos from the shoot I did in Hungary last October with Ervin Sperla - Click Here :)


  1. Anonymous2:58 pm

    hi holly,
    i have quite fine hair too but still wax my legs once in a couple of months and also tweeze underarm hairs, but they still grow back nonetheless :(

    p/s: started reading ur blog about a month ago and i love ur blog! kudos! :)

    -portuguesechinese girl from M'sia.

  2. Bun bun4:15 pm

    Hey Holly!

    Nah, your eyes aren't your best feature, I think your face shape is!! I have super chubby cheeks and I know high cheek bones are good but if you put chubby cheeks and high cheekbones together, you get char siew bao face!! So I super envy your nice face shape. The only saving grace is my doctor (yes, I did ask how to slim the face) said girls with chubby face age better and look younger when we're older.

    And yes, you have very long fingers! But I think your nails would look nicer if it's shorter. It's quite long now but I always like a lightly shorter manicured nails. More modern :)

    Btw, if you have dandruff problem, you might want to try Traditional Chinese Meds. My friend had the same problem. On and off but she got ride of hers for years after taking half a month (or is it a month?) or TCM stuff. You might want to try. Now she takes the TCM stuff for a week like once every half a year for "maintenance" and it works.

  3. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Hi Holly! I am suffering from oily scap and dandruffs!! Have been finding for the right shampoo.. May I know what shampoo are you currently using?

  4. Anonymous5:44 pm

    i would get dandruff when i rebonded by hair. now that i dont rebond my hair, i dont have the problem. maybe your rebonding has sthg to do with it...

  5. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Hi Holly - sorry this is not so much related to your video. But one thing I do do admire about you is your flat abs. How do you keep them that way? What exercise do you usually do? Mind sharing? Thanks lots!

  6. HJ,

    It appears that your perception of yourself is almost entirely based on physical imperfections.

    Most people worry more about personality traits.

    Perhaps your next video could describe your 3 personality imperfections.

    Not that you likely have even three.

    I have to admit, and have been told, that I have enough bad habits for 10 normal people.

    So I might have tipped the odds in your favour on personality imperfections.


  7. HJ,

    You shave or wax your legs!!

    Horrors. Asian women really do not need to shave.

    Shaving will stimulate hair growth.
    My wife does not shave her legs ever. The hair she has is so very short I really have a hard time trying to find some.


    BTW I agree you have pretty eyes, and hands. I would never think of calling those lovely hands an unattractive name.


  8. Try liquid castile soap or mild acidic shampoo (not too sure where you can get this in Singapore) for shampooing your hair. A lot of dandruff shampoos can be very harsh and can exacerbate the scalp problems. Sometimes you just need a mild shampoo to soothe the irritated scalp. No harm giving it a try.

  9. 3 imperfections:
    -terrible nails. I pick at them. 2011 is the year I treat them right, I SWEAR. (Also on 'to do' list: give liver a fighting chance)
    -too short
    -fine hair

    3 perfections:
    - urm, I'll get back to you.
    (insert sad face)

  10. Regarding dandruff- I've tried...

    generic anti dandruff shampoos like head n shoulders, Audace, Selsun, Polytar, Pantene anti dandruff... none of it worked.. only surprisingly, cheapo CLEAR for oily scalp shampoo worked for a few months. Then dandruff came back, and is resistent to tht shampoo.

    I use Audace Extra scalp tonic and a scalp treatment shampoo from Wella professional now. It's still a problem.. but slowly getting better. HAIR gets super dry though :(

    I absolutely cannot use conditioner, even if it's just on the hair ends and no where near my scalp. I will start flaking immediately after washing.. it's like as the hair dries,it gets flaky, WTF... absolutely no respite.

    I have tried listerine as a rinse. no use. I tried Cetaphil and QV wash as well... these are non perfumed, and very mild. supposed to be good for eczema... but no use. no help.

    also bought Egyptian Magic ( it's a beeswax moisturiser from USA), and it made it WORSE!!! So i only use it on my face now.

    It;s not a BIG problem... i rather suffer from dandruff than .. like Acne or something...

    But it's frustrating when I am doing everything I possibly can, and it's still persistent.


    Regarding rebonding.. no dont think it's linked (for my case).. been rebonding since like 8 years ago. But dandruff been affecting me the past 2 years or so. plus, I rebond a lot less now than before.


    Ab exercise? It's in my archive... search -" Abs " ...( if u look under my main picture on the left side of this blog, you will see the search box.

    @D - haha. u made me laugh.

  11. Oh, there are also recipes for baking soda and apple cider vinegar shampoo recipes you can grab off the web.

    For conditioning your hair, you can give camellia or jojoba oil a try. They are natural and shouldn't cause much irritation (but depends on individual I guess). Rub it into your hair gently when it is still wet (about dollar coin size). You can even get a camellia oil/water spritz from Watsons that is super easy to use. Both oils are light and shouldn't feel heavy if you don't overload.

  12. Anonymous5:37 am

    Try ascience.It actually solved my dandruff problem, keeping my scalp free from excess oil and dandruff away.

    I realised that shampoos which claim to solve dandruff problems actually make the problem worse i.e. dove, head n shoulders. And I heard from my hairdresser that pantene causes drandruff instead.

  13. sadly.. ascience does not wotk for me. It's a great shampoo when I dont have dandruff.

    but when I do get dandruff, it doesnt solve it for me. :(

  14. Anonymous10:14 am

    This will definitely work for dandruff or nothing else will--Nizoral 2%! Have you tried it? Can get it from the pharmacist at Guardian. First you leave it on the scalp for 5 mins a couple of times per week, then you'll find you no longer need it. If it does come back Nizoral will work like a charm again.

  15. no I have not tried nizoral 2%.

    Will pop by Guardian (hopeully today or tmrw).

    Fingers crossed!

    btw, is this s shampoo? or do i have to use other hair products at the same time?

  16. Anonymous6:55 am

    its a shampoo i think..? i find the smell too strong. so sometimes i shampoo and condition again with some other brand and it still works. although i think ur not supposed to.

  17. Chipmunk2:24 am

    I second Bunbun... your face shape is the best feature.

    an envious round chipmunk face.

  18. Anonymous11:44 am

    hey holly, your complexion looks wonderful in this video!


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