Make Your Own Toga Dress

A few days ago I bought 2 metres of satin from spotlight (I got it at $5 p/m), 2 metres of chord in champagne colour because I wanted to make my own roman/greecian toga for a cupid's costume.

(Is cupid greek or roman or what??)

Anyway, Watch whis video to see how I made it. It's real easy. No sewing required. You might need some double sided tape if you want to hem it up. And maybe one safety pin.

Then after that, I lay on the bed, spread rose petals all over and got GB to take my photo. It's for some promo mailers for a contest coming up.

(It's to do with my Get Her Column on the NSportal... CLICK HERE to know more... one lucky couple will get their Valentine's Day dinner sponsored!) :)


Speaking of NSportal, I just wrote an observational article about Women's Bathrooms. Click Here to read
What are some disgusting things you've noticed about women's toilets??? Do share your comments after reading. :)


  1. Yes I believe Agent Love is Roman. Cute costume!

  2. Anonymous12:18 am

    Hey ur abs are so flat!

  3. He is in both Roman and Greek myths and also in other myths as well.

    Lovely outfit, love the sheen of ur fabric. Is it charmeuse satin?

  4. Anonymous12:57 am

    why do u even bother? i cannot believe i watched this. never again on ur blog. waste of time.

  5. @D- always been wondering... but only now, asking---ur female right?

    Cos evrytime i see ur comment under "D", it sounds female. but then I call a guy friend of mine (in Perth), "D"... so it always kinda makes me feel like D is a guy.

    @anon- I'm quite fortunate I dont bloat or store stuff arnd my mid section I guess.

    @Swee- No idea what charmeuse satin is. but i got it at 5 bucks a metre... so probably not(?).

    @anon above- oh. sorry i wasted ur 3 mins.

  6. Anonymous9:20 am

    Some people are weird, they already felt they've wasted their time watching it and yet they waste more time making a sentence to express it :D

  7. D/R/F/N* (please delete accordingly)11:29 pm

    Haha yes I'm female. If it helps, I could swop to another random letter, say..R? I'm not going 'W' tho', not a huge fan of W


  8. seriously, knots, rope, safety pin and double sided tape? girl you need some basic home economics classes. if not, such simple sewing only cost $6 at most? even cheaper than the satin


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