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JadoreVogue.com is an online fashion wholesaler and retailer.

Even though the prices are low, there is no minimum order quantity. But if you do buy in bulk, the great thing is, you get further discounts! Purchase $300 or $200 (can be a combination of dresses, pants, skirts and any other clothing of any type and colour) or more & get 30% & 20% off respectively. (You will need to key in discount code DSC30 for purchases more than $300 and dsc20 for purchases more than$200.)

So revamp your wardrobe, or have a quick spree with your colleagues/friends in order to get major discounts on your favourite pieces.
This Cape Like Top (SGD$ 23, before any discounts) is a flirty feminine blouse.
Both the front and back of the blouse features a shawl/cape like design. The black skirt that is paired with the Cape Like Top, in the picture above, is the Silky Bondage Skirt (SGD$ 26). It's not a short slutty length, yet it oozes sexy. I think perhaps it's the slim fitting cut of the skirt and the texture.

I adore the peterpan like collar on the Ribbon Buttons Top (SGD$ 21). Good for those who need to mix and match stuff for work because this top is versatile.
This Flowery Jap blouse (SGD$ 23) is romantic and flowy... cinched in at the waist with the 4 inch thick Double Furry Belt (SGD$12). It's not actually fluffy furry, but the faux leather part of the belt has a slight suede like finish to it.

A variation to the usual ripped leggings, are these Bondage Leggings (SGD$ 18). Leggings can add a different twist to any outfit.

Go to JADOREVOGUE (click) to check these cool finds out. I'm sure you'll see other stuff there which catches your fancy. :)

Ooh... also check out the Sales tab on their website...

18 bucks for a full length jumpsuit is a good steal! Loads of other good deals there, but must not dilly dally because quantities are limited.

Happy Shopping Girls! :)


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