Enjoying Good Deals With Friends

I had dinner with my buddy Alwyn a couple of days ago. Now that he's no longer an expat in Denmark.. i get to see him so much more often than before. He was working in Copenhagen for almost 3 years. That's also when my best friend Farizan was working in Indonesia!

But now, they're both back in Singapore for good! So that means loads of opportunities to shop, have chatty lunches, have coffee and pig out at dinners with them.
Most of my social life revolves around food. I love trying new stuff, yet I also love going back to familiar haunts. But best of all, I just loooove a good deal.
Being able to spend time with my good friends, eating good food plus not burning a hole in any of our pockets is like the everyday equivalent of an orgasm for me. Haha... I've just signed up with this site called Outlet.com.sg . It's only launching at the end of this month, but before the actual launch, you stand a chance to win $200 Cash every week!

To be in the running for this fabulous weekly Cash GiveAway, you need to Click here and key in your email address and LIKE their Facebook Page too..What have you got to lose? The first winner was picked yesterday. Try your luck... it's no strings attached, cold hard cash ... that's 4 blue notes! I'm sure you'll find something.. or someone to spend it on. :)
And once the site is officially launched... you can enjoy all sorts of special deals! This would cover stuff like dining, shopping and recreation as well. Outlet will bring you huge discounts in Singapore. . .
Outlet is supported by local and world's leading companies in the retail, entertainment, F&B and leisure industry. It also has the backing of luxury brands ( I cannot reveal which ones yet).
It's really good for people like me who love a good deal and also for when you want to go out with your friends, but no one has any idea where to go. Everyone says- "Anything" "Up to you" !!!!!!!
Then just pick some deal from Outlet and go enjoy it together! You enjoy great deals when you purchase in volume, so get all your friends on board. There will be discounts of up to 90%. I can't wait to see what the deals are!!!
Meanwhile, don't forget to try your luck this new year with their WEEKLY $200 cash giveaway ! :)


  1. Anonymous2:03 am

    Hi Holly!

    May i know where did u get the dress that you wore in the first pic of this post?

  2. Anonymous11:02 am

    Hi Holly, Where'd you buy the hot water bottle for GB from? (:

  3. The dress in first pic is Billabong (but bought in aust).

    The hot water bottle was from TopShop at Tampines One (any large topshop outlet shld have)


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