Don't Kill The Coach

That was rule number one for me after I took a swing and my golf ball richocheted at Lee Carrington yesterday. (oopsies, I sorry!)
My journey as a HSBC Women's Champions blogger has been such a great experience so far. As I learn more and more about this tournament and about golf, I'm getting more psyched about this whole affair. I'm sooooo looking forward to watching the HSBC Women's Champions tournament (HWC) at Tanah Merah Country Club (TMCC).Yesterday, I had a golf lesson at TMCC with my fellow HWC tournament bloggers - Beatrice and SuperAdrianMe.

At first I was stressed out... (as always.. I'm such a worrier). But our coach Lee Carrington made our lessons so fun! Lee is a member of the Australian Coaching Council and a fully accredited Level II Teaching Professional with Australian Ladies PGA. She has been coaching in Singapore since 1998.
We started from the very basics ... explaining the different types of clubs, etc...and we were swinging in no time.
But me being me... somehow managed to ricochet my golf ball sideways... ding! Lee then tells me that Rule Number One is...Don't Kill The Coach. :o)
It was such a lovely morning at TMCC...
Together with peeps from HSBC and H&K, we toured the Garden course where the HWC tournament will be held.... It's so beautiful!
If you're interested in golf lessons, whether you're an absolute beginner or want to fine tune your swing, you can email . She's patient, experienced, intuitive and fun... definitely the elements I look for when trying to learn a sport from someone.

If you would like to watch the tournament live, don't forget, my GIVEAWAY is still on! Keep your answers coming!

Just email me ( the answers to these 2 questions:

Where will the HSBC Women's Champions be held?
What are the tournament dates?

This Giveaway ends on 4th February 2011. I will announce the winners (3 pairs of tix) on 5th Feb. (Tickets will reach you by snail mail).

For more info on this visit the HSBC's Women's Champions webby.
Be a fan of HSBCWomensChampions on FB.
Photos in this post, courtesy of :)
Oh and ... p/s - Rule number 2- Don't laugh when the coach misses a putt. Otherwise you'll get caught on camera looking like a chimp.


  1. your post is funny :)

  2. Hey Holly,
    Thanks for the kind comments and thanks most of all, for not killing me! You guys were great. Enjoy the tournament -you're going to have a ball.


  3. I tried mini golf once and I did so badly that the couple behind me was laughing like mad. :(

    bad hand eye coordination meh!

  4. Holly Jean,

    Worry can kill a golfers game skills.

    Relax and just try to make the game fun. You are fit and should enjoy learning a new sport skill.

    And please, don't kill the coach, take it out on the ball!



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