ClubCouture Fashion Ambassador 2011

I had a great time last year as a ClubCouture fashion ambassador. I could always rely on ClubCouture whenever I needed the perfect outfit for any occassion. I love their style of clothes and accessories!!!

So I'm very pleased to say that I'm going to be one of their fashion ambassadors for 2011 as well :)

Here's my latest stash from them....
Kiss!Printed Vest. ... I love being a singlet and shorts kind of girl. This vest perks up the look with a soft pink lip print on it.
So comfy when paired with denim shorts and canvas slip ons. Perfect for afternoons out with Lola.
For a more feminine look, I like the Brittany Floral Chiffon dress. It's short, with ruffles and has an elasticised waist. The Bethany Floral Chiffon dress is nice too, just of a different floral print.
I also picked the Marled Grey Swing Dress with Tie. It's very preppy school girl with the attached tie. It also has 2 side pockets.. which you can't see in this pic.

So that's my first ClubCouture fashion stash for the new year... whooopeee ! :)
Oooh... a week ago I wore this monochrome floral dress to the filming of a Vodcast for OMY (tell you more about it soon, it's a hilarious episode). This monochrome dress was one of my first dresses from ClubCouture ... and I've actually worn it for quite a few occassions already... which is rare because I have sooo much clothes!! But I just love this one! This is sold out already, but they have some new monochrome dresses like this one.

I can't wait to bring you more contests, discounts and Giveaways from ClubCouture this year! *happy*


  1. Anonymous7:53 am

    Hi holly, where did u buy the canvas slip-on shoes (in the 2nd pic)? =)

  2. $5 from cotton on sale. :)

  3. Anonymous3:10 pm

    U look so girly in the pretty floral dress.. together with your pretty bracelet too. ^.^

    Lola is becoming fairer too? she used to be darker i think... she's so adorably tiny =)


  4. Anonymous11:55 pm

    i love to wear singlets but have dark underarms. is there any way to lighten it? :) thanks for the help

  5. i think u need to see an aesthetic doctor for tht (pls don't go to those non-doctor type beauty/slimming places!)

    I honestly dont think any over the counter skin lightening prodts actually work on skin tht has been pigmented. So dont waste $$ on it. .. unless perhaps u have heard frm someone u trust, who swears it worked on them.

  6. great outfits! can't wait to see more of them!


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