Grab your NTUC vouchers

It's been almost 1 week since's launch... and I've been checking them out daily to see what their daily deals are.

They currently have a $10 Tattoo deal. Original price is $100 (which is like for 1 hour of tattooing). So if you're thinking of getting a whole sleeve or big tattoo done, this is a great time to purchase this deal from Outlet and save big money (multiple $10 vouchers can be combined if your artwork is going to take a longer session).

Also great if you want just a small tattoo... like a star somewhere discreet.. but you don't want to invest $100 in getting it done. Purchase this voucher and you can get it for $10!! I think that's an incredible price!! My own tattoo which I did 2 years ago cost me about $300!

But if you want this deal, you need to hurry because the sale of this voucher ends in a few hours! (You can buy the voucher first and use it anytime within 6 months).

They've been having loads of yummy food deals. Think of the amount of time you spend outside socialising with friends over food... and just think of the money you can save by grabbing yummy food deals from Outlet.

And coming up this week, there will be a very yummy Indian Cuisine deal not to be missed (this Sunday... wait for it... wait for it...) and for the girls who spend $$$ on waxing every month, do look out for the Brazilian waxing deal (on Monday!) so you can save some major $.
This is something everyone can use. You can buy a $5 NTUC gift card at only $1. No strings attached... just pay $1 for it... and you can use it at NTUC or Cheers. Whether you pop in to buy chocolates, drinks, shampoo or whatever.... it's Immediate savings!

Each member is allowed to buy only 1 NTUC gift card each. Have you signed up yet?

Don't forget to also refer your friends because each friend you refer earns you $6.



  1. CeLestiNa3:47 pm

    Im waiting for the Brazilian waxing deal which you mentioned it will be on Mon(?)

  2. it's out now babe!


    think it's 28bucks instead of 50 plus

  3. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Have u been to Pangkor laut resort? it is an island of its own, doubled as a resort.. isnt it cool.. 1 island 1 resort..


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