Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaways!!

advertorial Whooga ugg boots uk is a brand of genuine ugg boots. Ugg boots are a style of boot. There's an Aussie label of ugg boots called ‘UGG Boots’ (notice the capital letters). But everyone knows they're very expeeensiiiveee.
And then you have a whole range of low quality crappy imitation uggs. I know... because I have a shelf full of them (we all make mistakes!).
Genuine ugg style boots are made with real wool and sheep skin... shitty copies are made of synthetic wool and have really poor cut and workmanship. Synthetic ugg boots are bad for your feet because they sweat which leads to moisture, odor and bacteria build-up.

With Whooga Ugg Boots UK, I have a high quality genuine ugg boot at an affordable price.
It's made of quality fleece, because they use high grade merino wool. My boots are so plush, super soft and so comfortable. They are also thermostatic (warm in winter, cool in summer). So even when I am not travelling, I still use them in Singapore ( I love wearing them to the cinema...ultra cozy!).
Plus, it contains the natural oil Lanolin (it's in natural fleece)... which keeps your skin feeling soft (esp good for those of you who are in the winter season now).

Watch my video review to see how awesome my new Whooga uggs are!

Whooga Ugg Boots UK delivers internationally... wherever you are :)
Every month, one person receives free pair of Whooga Ugg Boots (of YOUR choice). :)
All you need to do is sign up for their news letter HERE and/or follow them on Twitter HERE. (I would do BOTH to get a higher chance of getting picked for a free pair of Whooga Uggs!)
If you want to purchase a pair, (and feel like ur wearinfg Teddy Bears on your feet!!!)... you can Get a 10% Discount off their already discounted prices! For my readers, when checking out, Quote 1259HOLLY. (Valid only until 27th dec 2010)


  1. Erm....I love UGGS but it's just ridiculous to wear it in Singapore!!! It's not climate-appropriate here!

  2. Oh btw, is that a fake bangs you've got? Or you've gone back to having fringe? Just curious.

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    You are already 30 years old. Why do you still want to look cute? I've seen quite a number of video reviews on youtube, and your video is the worst one.

  4. In SG, I use it mostly for cinemas... and shopping centres... and if my bf or bro is driving.

    I dont use it to tramp up and down Orchard rd at 3 in the afternoon .. tht wld be suicide. :)

    @Dawn... i took a pair of scissors aand jst cut it myself tht day.

    @anon1.57- Maybe because I am just a happier person than u.

  5. Anonymous5:40 pm

    i think you're really pretty! have you ever had a super long fringe?

  6. Hi Holly, Blessings all the way from Australia! I've been away from your blog for close to 2 years. But your name and blog just 'pop'up after work in Melbourne. Looking good! Like your dress sense! Hop on to twitter Holly!

    Keep up the good work champion. You're a real blessing!

    Have a blessed Christmas! God bless your soul, Holly!

  7. Anonymous8:52 pm

    holly are you 100 procent asian or 50% you look like a half asian girl

  8. so cute! kk shall follow them on twitter and their mailing list! hope i'll win!

  9. Anonymous5:34 pm


    I just Tried to purchase using your discount code. but it says it's invalid on the web when checking out. I mean today's still 27 Dec 10 right?? hmm


  10. Drop me a quick email and i will try to hook u up directly.

    i m wearin mine to watch little fockers later tonite.. n m actually lookin forward to it more bcos i wanna wear my boots n b damn cozy in there

  11. Anonymous11:01 pm


    AWWWW.. Must be damn nice, teddy bear feel on your feet >,< I want too!!! I just dropped u an email Holly.

    Hope u could help. Bunch of thanks.



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