Look Stunning At Your Year End Parties!

When you have a big Christmas party, Wedding, ROM, D&D, Prom night, Year End Gala Dinner, or simply a smashing night out... don't you want to have a fabulous dress to wear... but it doesn't make sense spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that you will only wear like once?!
( Plus, you don't want to turn up at the same Christmas party the following year in THAT SAME DRESS simply because you paid so much money for it right? How embarrassing!)

Then pop over to Dress Sense!!
Gorgeous designer gowns and cocktail dresses in so many beautiful colours. And it won't cost you a bomb... because it's for rent!! I think renting a gown is fabulous because you get to wear a different thing everytime, and when you're done, just return it... no need to bother about dry cleaning your expensive gown or how/where to store them. (click these pics to magnify)
Their store is at Raffles City (that's above City Hall Mrt), #03-29A. View their stuff online at - Dress-Sense.

This sexy Faviana black dress is perfect for romantic dinners as well as a night out partying. Whatever the occasion, their staff are very helpful in picking out what will suit you. Their sizes run from size 0 to size 14!
How does the rental thingy work???

Well, if you look at the tag, (this tag is for the black dress I am wearing in the pic above), there are two prices, one for Rental and one for Sale. (The rental price is for 2 weeks).

They have dresses that cost up to $1000 plus... but the rental only goes up to $300! :)

Every time a dress is rented out, the purchase price drops. And after a couple of rentals, the purchase price drops so close to the rental price that most customers end up buying such pieces rather than renting them! (There's a private sale coming up.. see end of this post for details!)This is the Nicole Bakti One Shoulder Long Gown in royal blue. (Sale price: $799, Rental: $250)This elegant grecian looking gown is a head turner, but what I love about it is the draped toga back.
Here I'm wearing the absolutely delightfully girly Faviana Taffeta Tube Short Dress. (Sale: $499, Rental: $139.76)
And of course, Dress Sense rents out accessories to go with your dress too.
They have a whole range of pretty clutches and evening bags. The unique clutches in the pic above are from Inge Christopher.

And a whole load of bling!! You'll be terribly spoilt for choice there.


The Private Christmas Sale!!

There'll be a PRIVATE sale at Dress Sense on the 17th of December. Dress Sense is giving out up to 10 invitations to this exclusive event on their facebook wall.

You'll get to join other VIPs at this sale... plus, ALL guests receive

-20% Discount for all rentals & Purchases

-Goodie Bag (Vouchers, product samples, Dress Sense Loyalty card)

- Preview of new styles and designs yet to be launched in store

- It's a party really... there'll be festive refreshments

To win yourself an invite, CLICK HERE and post as a comment on their wall. (You will have to 'like their page first!)

1. What's the upcomming occasion that you need a cocktail dress or an evening dress for.


2. Why you'd choose to wear Dress Sense.

(you need to hurry though.... Closing date for entries is 10th Dec 2010!!!)


Why waste your money on luxurious designer gowns and accessories when you can customize your price tag with Dress Sense's buy or rent option!

Go on... treat yourself like a princess... (for so much less).


  1. All i want for Christmas...

  2. Anonymous3:59 pm

    The blue toga dress with the sheer train is gorgeous!! (it's sheer right tht part?)

  3. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I know you're a model, & I know you're way more photogenic than I'd ever be.. Plus you're quite pretty. However, I wish you'd avoid opening your eyes too wide almost every time you have your photo taken; your high brows make you look surprised, and IMO, kinda weird. Just sayin'.

  4. Yah.. the train part is a sheer fabric

    re-my eyes.. i don't open them wide on purpose... they're just like tht. which is why i luke lookin down in a lot of pics if u notice. But my eyebrows are actually low for my face.. if u compare to pics of other ppl. but i'm not complaining.. :) just stuff i hv noticed

  5. Hi Holly,
    quick question: do they have stuff that isn't really cocktail-sh eg summery daytime dresses and the like? I have a x'mas lunch do and it's not that formal, so I need a dress that isn't too casual, but isn't too evening-ish as well. Thanks!

    p/s: my favourite on you is the last tube frock

  6. hi D...

    no summer dresses as in a cotton dress with spag straps and a floral print.

    but they do have more casual than the usual cocktail dresses... Like in the first pic, the manequin in the middle is wearing a short satin sort of dress .. tht kind of dresses they do hv.


  7. Anonymous12:16 am

    Well sweetie, you make the dresses look good. But of course you know that already. :D


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