Last Updates for the year...

Just curious, what do you think of a party next year... good music... drinks... around Valentine's Day.

Where there'll be nice prizes sponsored for winners (like a V-day dinner for couples, couple photoshoots or matching his-her stuff).

And the party isn't just for Vday couples, but for singles to mingle as well. Perhaps a game where I play cupid...???

Please take a second to do this poll so I know what the interest is like...

Would You Like To Be Invited?

You looking for gifts for a loved one? Or have a new baby in the family? Graduation? Just got engaged?
My friends at the Pink Elephant Labs are celebrating it's 1st birthday with a special promo.
When you book a session and purchase the CD of the high res touched up images (up to 100 images, at $350), then you get another $300 worth of gifts. Including a 2011 calendar customised with your pics. Have to book before 11 Jan 2011.
This week in my revamped GET HER column...

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