Join Us To Set A Record

The Body Shop is attempting to set the record in Singapore's largest street carolling... this Saturday 18 December at 4.30pm, just outside Paragon shopping centre on Orchard Road. We'll be singing Joy To The World...
Last Saturday, the Body Shop's Flash Mob surprised everyone at Bugis junction by suddenly singing Joy To The World at the fountain area... and then quickly dispersing back into the crowd.

It sure put a smile on everyone's faces :)
Christmas is almost here... join us for this upcoming whopping huge carolling event and help us set the record. Every participant receives a token of appreciation from the Body Shop. And come take pictures with me (I'm Santarina!!) :)


  1. Anonymous11:13 am

    GB has gone for holidays and left you behind. haha!

  2. oh.. :( I feel Sooooo sad... FOR YOU.

    I have not mentioned on my blog or FB yet that my BF has flown off a day ago. ANd i have not told my friends yet (except my one bestest friend F)... so between GB and I, we can probably narrow it down to figure out who YOU ARE.


    So sad.

  3. GB's ex im guessing eh, Holly? Why do you even entertain such dumb comments?

  4. no lah. dont think it's an ex. his ex was like from 3 years ago... don't think she's bothered.. 3 yrs on.. to cause problems in his new r'ship :)


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