JetStar Still A Joke!

You would think that after all the hoohah in the Forum section over JetStar's extremely poor customer service, and then their "recovery" by saying that they will address all complaints promptly... something would actually get done?

No such luck. JetStar is still a big stinking joke of an airline.

A month ago, I booked a flight for my mom and she was flying back to Singapore from Perth. She got to Perth Airport, only to be told the flight was cancelled. JetStar counter staff told her that the company would pay for her taxi fare and she should return the next night. She took a taxi back to the suburbs, and returned the next night (as instructed), only to be made to wait an additional 7 hours for her flight.

When she finally got to Singapore, I sent in a written letter of complaint via registered mail to the Custormer Care address in Singapore (this address was off the JetStar website), and I also rang the hotline to ask where I should submit the taxi receipts (Over AU$100). The lady on the customer care hotline told me to fax it in to an Autralian fax number. Which I did.

Low and behold, a month later. NOTHING! No response to my complaint from Singapore customer care. No compensation as promised from the Australian side either. I rang the hotline again today, only to be told that my complaint... was in fact, never received in the first place (none of it! Not the calls, not the REGISTERED mail, and not the Fax).


This supposedly budget flight has ended up costing more than a regular flight to Perth. If I have gone through all the channels possible and yet my complaint is still not heard (perhaps ignored?), then the joke's on me isn't it?


  1. Anonymous1:05 pm

    I read that Jetstar has over 50 complaints filed with CASE already.. u shld file with CASE too.

    Don't let them off

  2. omg... tt is terrible. gosh.

    seriously... IMO, i think they rec. the complains, they just chose to ignore it. if not, they rec. too many complains and urs are still in the long queue.

  3. Anonymous8:48 pm

    small claims tribunal doesn't work??
    remember the woman who got the court to seize properties from Nokia's Spore office??

  4. Their Customer Service fail big time! Who said Singapore service is terrible :D

  5. But Singapore service IS terrible.

    JetStar is not Singapore?

  6. CeLestinA7:49 am

    Wait till you try Tiger! To me is worse or perhaps so far I didnt have any bad experience with Jet

    Seriously all these while i prefer Jetstar compare to Tiger. Didnt knw Jet is that bad either

    My colleague had a equally bad experience with Jet at the Philipines airport. He too wrote an nasty mail but was eventually being compensated. Tk God!

  7. Tiger used to be much worse a longer time ago but now seems that Jetstar is quickly catching up. Anw, this is all basic logic of cheap = poor quality of anything. u dont wanna run the risk, then pay more for std airlines. If not, then suck it up... So many pple are still going for budget airlines cuz they are still much cheaper and affordable, so they all just choose to take a risk. Example, myself.

  8. Not only Jetstar. i'm facing big issue with KLM too. Their customer service is terrible.


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