Find Your Personal Style: Make A Lookbook

Not only is SheShops a great place to browse heaps and heaps of wonderful fashion items (bags, dresses, shoes, rings, hats.. scarves.. everything!), it is also an idiot-proof platform where you can create your own lookbook pages.

All you need to do is choose your favourite items from the closets (not just from your own virtual stash... but you can browse everyone's closets!!!) ..... then drag the items onto the lookbook page!
Here are 2 of my latest lookbooks...
And here's one of my favourite lookbooks from another SheShops member.
Inspiring isn't it?! SheShops doesn't sell anything, but if you like any of the items other members uploaded into the closets, just click on it and you can see details (price, brand etc).

Remember to look for me once you're a member so we can link up as friends.

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