My Virtual Closet

It's time for a SheShops update :)

After being in this virtual community for a month, my SheShops closet now has 62 fabulous items.
The more items the members upload, the more fun it is to create Lookbook pages... I've discovered some really fabulous dresses and accessories that I've never seen before, thanks to other SheShops members. :)

I've started to categorise my closet into different collections so it's much more organised now.

My Pretty Pinks collection for instance, has all my favourite pink finds. You can also organise your closet based on seasons.. Like a Fall/Winter Collection...

When you join, do add me as a friend, and take a look at my collections ok. :)

If you’re not a member of the community yet, sign up on!
Go to your Lookbooks tab.
Search for “Coach Madison Maggie”, and use the item in your Lookbook!
Search for other items you’d wear with the bag and be creative!

One lucky winner will walk away with the Coach Madison Maggie bag worth over $800!
Deadline for submission: 15 December 2010

Here's my Lookbook page featuring the coach bag. :)

Good luck!.. and Have fun girls!


  1. the girl who won your white Pandora10:37 pm

    I love u HJ!

    Everytime I come in here there are new stuff to try my luck to win.

    Ima gonna try ma luck on this Coach Bag!! (I don't really like purple though...)


  2. purple's not bad... check out some of the look book pages featuring this bag and see all the ways the girls match this bag with outfits and other accessories.


    good luck

  3. Anonymous4:03 pm

    I want that Coach Madison Baggie!


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