My Fav Outfit & ClubCouture Giveaway!

My all time favourite ClubCouture outfit has got to be these capris with suspenders.

I've paired it with singlets... as well as puff sleeved tops for a more girly look.

I'm wearing size S, and the material has a bit of stretch to it. They're still in stock here.

Don't forget to check out the Fall SALE too... loads of stuff at up to 50% Off. :)


ClubCouture is doing a giveaway on Facebook! The Dark brown Tote Bag in the pic above is included in the giveaway too! I already have that bag, and I love it!

Step 1: Click here to view all the stuff they're giving away.
Step 2: Leave a comment under the picture of the item you want.
Step 3: Get your Facebook friends to "like" your comment.

The person who garners the most 'likes' for their comment, will win the item in the photo! So, hurry, go choose your favourite item, and get started!!! (ends on 14th November!)
Oh... and before you can comment, obviously you have to like ClubCouture's Facebook page!


  1. Anonymous3:43 pm

    hi :) im wondering if all clubcouture's clothes come in boxes like yours? or must there be a minimum amount of clothes?

  2. hmm.. I've had both boxes and big envelopes from clubcouture before...

    not sure on the quantity tht determines whether it's a box or envelope. Bags defintely come in boxes....

    If u want it to come in a box, maybe u could email them and request it? ( or msg them thru facebook)


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