My Dream Job (And Contest for YOU!)


What's my dream job?

Some of us know from the time we are kids, what we want to do when we grow up. Others take a little longer to figure it out. And many others, like myself, start out pursuing one thing and then decide on something totally different along the way.

My mom and I.

My mom always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. I kept a hand written diary, and I also wrote a couple of "novels" (The quality of which, I must say, is appallingly bad! But hey! I was just a child!)

My very first magazine appearance.

Then when I was 15 years old, I was spotted by Jeanette Ejlerson (don't know how to spell her name, and I don't even know where she is now).... she started me modelling. If not for her, I would never have thought I could be a model. I landed my first magazine cover when I was just 15 as well.

Stint as a weather girl... haha

I enjoyed modelling. As a teenager, it was my dream job... giving me extra spending money without having to work at McDonald's for $2.50 an hour like some of my friends :(

But as I started university, I had no time for modelling. I majored in Theatre Studies and Philosophy (I loved it! Some of my best formative years were spent at NUS). However, I had no idea what I wanted to be... after graduating.

After graduating, I felt pressure (from my then BF), to focus on getting a proper career... modelling was just a hobby that I indulged in for too long.

Holly Jean the Teacher.

So I went on to do a post grad diploma in education (English & Literature). Then taught English in a secondary school. However, after 3 years, I realised teaching under MOE wasn't for me.

And I began my current job... blogging, full time. I am loving it so far... because I can re-live my childhood dream of writing for a living, I have a flexible work schedule, I have complete creative control, and best of all... I'm not bound to any one place... all I need is my laptop and a connection :)

Yay! Travel...

I'm also doing modelling on the side now, and planning to branch out into fashion. I'm so thankful that I dared to dream when everyone around me were skeptical, I'm so happy that my dream job is finally a reality.

What about you? What's Your Dream Job?

JobsDB Dream Job Contest is kicking off their first ever Dream Job Contest and they are asking job seekers all over Singapore what their dream job is – and they want to hear from you!

Ever wanted to be a “Party Planner”, “Zoologist” or an “Oil Rig Operator”?

How to participate? Simply CLICK HERE and tell all about your dream job! (Just a few sentences stating what your dream job is and why you want it!)

10 winners will be selected and you each get to win any prize of your dreams worth $388. ANY prize at all... up to a value of $388!

Got a Prize in mind?? Here are some suggestions (CLICK) if you have no ideas. will be announcing the winners on 1 December so hurry! You have only 30 days to ponder over your dream job and dream prize!


What is and why are they interested to know your dream job???

It's the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific. One of the largest and most comprehensive databases in Asia Pacific with over 14.6 million job seeker members and over 220,000 corporate clients, is definitely the best place to go if you are looking for a job!

They're interested to know what your dream jobs are so they can serve you better in the very near future, of course. :)

So whether you're now enjoying your dream job, are looking for a dream job, or already have a job but have an ideal dream job in mind... take part in this contest. All it takes is a few minutes... share your idea of a dream job, and you could walk away with a$388 prize of your choice at the end of this month! :)


  1. OOT but your mum is really pretty like you.

  2. My brother and I weren't very ambitious growing up. I wanted to drive a bus (and I'm a girl), and he wanted to sell illegal VCDs 'cos he thought there was money to be made in there. I'm now a vet. And no, my brother's not an illegal DVD vendor. Needless to say, my parents are chuffed. Your mummy is very pretty btw.

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    wow your mum is really pretty. And you look almost exactly like her!

  4. @Kuen- ty :)

    @D- LOL.. u made me laugh..
    It's so cool tht ur a vet now though.. must be fab working with animals all the time.

    Do take part in the contest, even if ur already in tht dream job! Hope one of my readers win !

  5. Holly Jean,

    You story is admirable.

    However as a model, now 30, you are aware of the teen and 20-somethings trying to gain attraction in the same market.

    Your advantage is that you can model with more personality, dignity and appear much more world-wise then the young one who are pretty, but liking real life and real world experiences.

    Your dream to become a writer will be needed in the years to come.

    Best of luck for all your endeavors!


  6. Hey ya David :)

    yup.. am well aware of what's out there :) Modelling now is just for fun, and I dont go out there searching for modelling jobs, I only do the interesting ones which happen to fall in my lap.

    It's always been a hobby and something I've done alongside other things .. like studying.

    I don't consider myself a "model".. I kinda hate it even when you ask a girl what her profession is and she says "model" when she hasn't even been in a magazine or runway. (trust me.. every girl who takes a random photo/ promotes beer at a club considers herself a model in Singapore.)

    Lastly... "Your dream to become a writer will be needed in the years to come."... crap! I've been considering myself a writer for the last couple of years!!! I'm also the contributing editor of the Love&Sex section on

    You just made me aware tht not everyone regards me as a writer I guess...

    *boo hoooooo* :)

  7. Holly Jean,

    No reason to boo hoo...

    Your skill as a writer shows in most every post.

    I will check out your writing at

    BTW, here in the states 30 and 40 ish models are in demand. The population is getting older, like me, and people over 40 really cannot identify with a teen or 20ish model. Since such models are frequently the age of children for people in my age group.

    With your level of fitness you will be lovely for many years to come.

    Have a great day!


    A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

    Winston Churchill

  8. I think when you like what you do, it no longer becomes a job. I wanna see more of your modelling works!

  9. Anonymous10:44 am

    Your mom is so hot!!

  10. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Hey, just wondering, what's your ethnicity? I know you're Eurasian, but what kind of Asian mix? Like Malay or Indian or??

  11. peranakan (tht's those babah chinese in malacca)

  12. sheryl9:10 pm

    i am in nie now and i hate it, cant imagine how life is like being a teacher

  13. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Holly Jean,

    you are lucky to live in this city.

    You might be a star in Singapore, but in the real world, any place outside Singapore, you would not survive.

  14. hey holly

    just wanted to enquire - how is the theatre studies/philosophy course in nus? is it very focused on written work, and thus not very interactive and hands on ?

    do let me know because i am considering between that or a degree in an arts school...

  15. TS at NUS is both practical and theory based.

    depends on the modules you opt for. They have a fair share of both.

    There is theory/methods, history, marketing the arts, and then there are movement/and practical type modules too.

    the final year is a compulsory practical module where there's a full production (script, acting, costumes, props, venue, marketing , the works)that all TS students must do.

  16. thanks holly, appreciate the info


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