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I love having long hair but I am usually reluctant to style it by blow drying, curling irons and other heat styling tools because I have such fine hair, it gets damaged too easily!

But honestly, a wash-and-go hairstyle gets awfully boring, and is very unglam... :(

I just got to try 2 products from the Liese Iron Make collection- The Rich Straight and the Rich Curl. These are heat activated styling products which protect the hair and provide hold... so it's a heat protection product and styling product rolled into one.
I LOVE Japanese products! My fav is the Rich Straight. I have straightish hair, but it can get frizzy and has flyaways which makes it look untidy but a few sprays of this stuff before using a flat iron gives me tame, glossy straight hair. I don't have to worry because the product protects my hair from heat damage.

Using the Rich Curl is fun. It's good for when I want a style with more texture and body. Look at my DIY video below to see how I get my bedroom touseled curls... :) It's supposed to be used with curling tongs, but in the video, I'll show you how you can use your flat iron to curl your hair instead.

The product rinses off easily, no residue left behind :) And from the bedroom touseled curls, I will show you how easy it is to get a sleek look instead...

But best of it all, it is able to keep my curled or sleek straight hairstyle lasting throughout the day despite our humid weather!

DIY with Liese Iron Make Collection is so easy. You can do it too! :)

Liese also has other colour, treatment & styling products!
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Oh yes! The Iron make Collection is exclusively at Watsons stores only!


  1. Anonymous11:39 am

    Hi Holly Jean, can I ask if the straightner you are using is from Sasa? the $13.90 one? I'm contemplating whether to buy it since it's like a travel-size one, but am afraid it wont be 'hot' enough since it's only $13.90 you see. I'm currently using the big ones from philips. Thanks!!

  2. mine not frm SASA... i got mine from korea.. but its also a cheapo one. abt 12 to 15 bucks around tht price.

    Is the SaSa one plug in also?? if it is, then shld be fine. Just DONT BUY those wireless ones which operate on batteries. Those not hot enough.

  3. Anonymous6:50 pm

    How much is it?

  4. stefani10:29 pm

    may i know what song is that in the video? :D

  5. Anonymous12:53 am

    Is the spray heavily scented??

  6. anon6.50 - The Liese Iron Make collection is retailing at $12.90 each (only at Watsons stores).

    Stefani - Details In The Fabric, jason mraz and James Morisson.

    @anon 12.52- Nope. It has a very light apple scent.


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