I am a Hair Chameleon!

Guess what I didddddddddd???

I temporarily changed my hairstyle! Here I am using Cutesy Bangs hair piece in Dark Brown. ( Also have in black). It clips onto the top of your head, and the "new" hair flows down the front, sides as well as the back... so it looks very natural.
I miss my old straight across bangs sometimes, so this piece gives me natural looking bangs whenever I want them.... minus the trouble of having to keep trimming bangs and rebonding them!

It blends in easily with my own hair and looks even better when I use an Usagi Headband.
And for a whopping big change... I have the Bob with side swept fringe Wig.
I tied my own hair up in a braid, and then bobby pinned it to the top of my head, then slid the wig on. I've always been reluctant to dye my hair... but now I think... once I start getting greys, I shall chop my hair into a bob and just keep dying it this honey brown colour. I loooove it! The wig which is made of Japanese synthetic fibres feels very soft... and it flows very naturally. Thumbs up!
Actually, I think a bob frames my face nicely... but I still don't dare to chop my hair off just yet.... I will wig it for a while.. and see if I really like this style or not. GB says he prefers me with long hair. Oh well... for temporary fun changes... I can have fun with hair pieces. :)
I also have a Wig Brush now... I have a feeling this will be a slight obsession for me :) Well .. at least it's not damaging to my hair like extensions!!! ( And god damn eyelash extensions!!)

All the stuff here is from MyHairQueen. :)
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  1. The cutesy bangs with the usagi band really make you look like a doll! I envy you, got sharp features.

  2. Anonymous12:02 am

    The short hairdo looks great on you! You should your hair to that bob style.

  3. Babe as usual even if you botak....You Are Beautiful Inside & outside

  4. Anonymous9:41 am

    I knew it was a wig! The hair crown looks unusually high.

  5. gorgeous indeed keep it up~

  6. Anonymous9:29 am

    how much do the fake hair bangs cost?

  7. the bangs/fringes are under SGD$20... got sideswept ones too :)

  8. love the bob on you!

  9. damn girl! the honey bob looks absolutely fantastic on you! go for it!!

  10. Anonymous4:04 pm

    holly may I know what lenses you're using in the bob pic? thank you :)

  11. Anonymous2:22 am

    ooh cut your hair into that bob hairstyle. Very refreshing look!

  12. You look very pretty and healthy in the honey brown hair! ^^

  13. I love the bob too.

    but i dont want to cut my hair. and i'm not even sure if i can maintain a bob looking so nice... or will i end up being a mushroom head. and i love the colour too.. but i dont want to dye hair yet. (chemicals la)

    Will wait... but this is def a good option once i need to start dying hair (so far, no greys... so ok).

    The lenses i wear are always GREY coloured... but i dunnoe what type.. cos i dont pay attention... maybe nudy or angel ?? not sure.

  14. if you get a well-cut bob, you won't really need to maintain it much as it grows out. it should more or less retain its shape. you mentioned you have slightly thin hair right? i figure it should fall very nicely rather than if you have thick hair. but you do have a slight wave right? hmmm slight wavy bob maybe? it's just hair! it will grow back! ;)

  15. yeah.. I had a bob before ( when i was a teenager.

    it didnt work out well (needed to use styling prodts to weigh it down)

    Fine hair is light, so if it's a short cut, there's nt enough weight on the hair to weigh it down... :(

    AND yes, i have waves.

    seriously need to think before i do something so drastic .. ( yes i know it'll grow back! but takes quite long laaaaa) :D

  16. Anonymous9:31 pm

    If you could e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent, I would be grateful.

  17. I just happened to stumble onto your site looking for hair pics for my friend, and i just had to stop and say, I love the lighter bob look on you! The shorter hair really brings out your features so well. It gives you a little more edge and playfullness, whereas the long hair is gorgeous, but a little conforming. You're gorgeous either way, but a trim might be lovely... =)


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