20 Questions with Holly Jean

As promised, here are my answers!

Apologies for the shitty video resolution... I really should get a video cam instead of using my digital camera.... soon soon!

my dress in this video is from theblogshop.sg , the bag is from MillyWalker.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    Why do you speak with a faux brit accent when you're born and bred in sg? I saw you on S Factor and you don't speak like that. Or is it cos you dating ang moh? I'm curious cos do you speak with faux brit accent to your local girl friends or what?

  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    That was great! Enjoyed watching it. Just curious. What made you decide to have the question answer session.

  3. Anonymous2:05 pm

    I have never watched S Factor as I am not in Singapore, so I googled it.


    Sounds the same to me.

  4. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Yes, I agree, your accent sounds alil different. You sounded more natural in S factor and that's why I supported you for that reason - you were the most natural outta all the contestants.

  5. omg. Is she putting on the accent again??! Ok can't watch the vids or I'll squirm in my seat.

    You may wanna adopt that accent in another part of the world where no one knows you and you can afford to create yourself again.

    In sg, ppl already know how you used to speak my dear. Naturally ppl will question your newly acquired British accent. Accents are not generated from caucasian bfs! I've been dating them for past 8 years and I'm still myself. I like you babe I really do but in this instance, it shows you're not comfortable and confident to just be yourself.

    Logically in linguistics studies, one doesn't adopt a sudden accent naturally, esp not at a mature age and in the related native country.
    Anyways good luck hj, take care.

  6. Anonymous4:40 pm

    I agree with the other anons. You have put on a british accent. You don't sound like that when you were on S Factor and After 12 with Jamie Aditya.

    Be yourself, Holly. =)


  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I dont think its the accent... u sound the same.. but the tone has changed. u sounded more lively n girly on after12 programme with jamie aditya.

    now u sound so serious... same as in s factor, whebn u talk never smile one.

  8. Anonymous5:33 pm

    I know, sometimes i speak in a different accent but that's to adapt to certain situation. My friend went to Australia and took like 1 min to ask for a packet of chilly in KFC and all i need was turn to them and said Chilli slowly and properly and the girl got it. Since then, i've tried to pronounce properly and i end up with a slight accent. But occasionally, i still speak the way i used to with my friends, switching between accent depending on need.

  9. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Oh if you're with your local SG girl friends and GB all at the same time, do you speak with faux brit accent or your normal Singaporean accent like you did in S Factor?

  10. Anonymous6:37 pm

    i think it's OK to speak with a proper accent. Because the videos will be viewed globally.
    The funny part is when you say "four", it sounds more like american accent. if you want to do brit accent, remember to drop the "r". I guess you got it from your ex-bf from America. So did you do american accent back then?

  11. I think holly is making sure she speaks well as she is a public figure. anyway, i know her personally and she does speak well though peppered w the singaporean's lahs and occasional singlish. but everyone does that with people they are familiar with to show comfort and intimacy. we're not in mr brown's (mind your language) class. but this is a public domain. it makes sense that she doesn't go BOOMZ! so give her a break people.

  12. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Ignore the haters HJ. I enjoyed this post. Thank you for answering my question.

  13. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Be it Brit accents, American accents or Singlish, i think is her choice. We dont have to teach her how to speak proper accent or ask her to be herself. If anyone cant stand it , u can dont watch it. I personally think is her choice and i have no issue. Anyway I enjoyed the video !

  14. Destiny/Destinee is a nice name - I honestly don't think it sounds too Afro-American. I think the HongKongers have the worst names, I once met a guy Happy, his sister's name is Lassie (I checked, parents did name here after the dog). I also knew a Syphillis (she saw it in a book and thought it sounded pretty, I couldn't bring myself to tell her)

  15. anon 11.04- I actually made an effort not to twang off in a faux brit accent.. but I will not prposely put on a singlish accent just to please some people.

    I apologise if it still sounded twangy to you. But I personally don't think it sounds british...

    With different GFs I have diffnt levels of intimacy with so I can speak with them with bits of singlish terms as well as fill the whole conversation with our own coined phrases..,.. which I tend to always do with my friends. Eg. with some of my friends I use- Herman - means toilet break.... (after pee wee herman). Jongs is Mah jong.. etc... it's actually quite fun.

    anyway, I digress.

    @anon 11.13- just for fun really.

    @anon2.05- yep.

    @anon2.44- i think i sounded the same a sfactor..during interviews and stuff.

    @Sam- read some stuff above (I'd be repeating myself)

    @anon4.40- as above.

    @anon4.49- hard to smile when I am focused on putting on an accent lah. (hohoho... this is a joke ok)

    @anon5.33- I know what u mean. It;s the same for when my cousins in Australia come to Sg though... I was with my cousin at seven eleven, and she kept reapeating that she wanted a straw... but the guy at the counter (who presumable only understood singlish.. poorthing).. didn't understand her. Until I just shouted on her behalf (not a rude shout), "STRAW". Easy, understood.

    @anon5.55- it goes ok... I just use a pretty neutral accent fr everyone to understand I guess. It's not even something i am conscious of (having to speak to different friends and GB, etc)

    @anon 6.37- if the way i say four sounds american instead of british... and tht somehow is able to irk you, then sorry, u just got to deal with it. That's the way I say Four, not going to change it to sound british or singlish or whatever you may think I should sound like.

    @ F- are u the F I think u are?? I think so. Hello!

    @anon7.23 - ur very welcome. thanks for asking :)

  16. HJ I gotta apologise to you. Thought I cld do with some squirming but actually and pleasantly, this video is very natural. It was't like the previous ones where it was soo over done. :)

    The diff is this time she tries to enounciate her words properly and yea though it's slightly different, it's not too far off the S-Factor series. Well done, your tone was crisp and clear...most importantly,it's fluent and NATURAL. Good job HJ!

  17. Anonymous9:07 pm

    it's funny how EVERYONE has chosen to focus on yr accent. on tv, how often do you hear people speaking with a singlish accent anyway? you speak the way most of my friends do in 'work-type' settings.

    i like how matter of fact and natural you are with all the questionssss. must have come with experience from teaching!


  18. im the one who asked if a guy left, i dont mean youre an easy lady!! i just meant like, is there those super wrong guys.. yeah.
    just clearing up ;)

  19. haha.. sorry i was too sensitive maybe. lol

    well.. no, never had a sleep and leave kinda guy cos i think my radar is quite good.

    like when dating someone, u get a feel for if they want a serious rship.. or just want a quick fuck and disappear.

  20. Tom the gardener10:56 pm

    She definitely hasn't got this accent from GB, since he has his own accent - even though he tries to speak neutral English.

    Of course all welcome to speak any kind of English-raping accent with lahs, los, leis, boomz and twisted tone that no one can understand fifty kilometers away - that's good for national identity too. (And makes everyone happy in the outside world instantly when they hear it)

    Sam: get a life, it is too apparent that you are jealous.

  21. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Thanks for answering my question about cosplaying.

    It's nice to hear the answer, instead of reading about it.

  22. haha, i was wondering.. been thinking abt smthing like that for quite awhile... thinking what if that happens to me and all. its scary ;D

    glad it didnt happen to you, maybe it doesnt happen as often as i think it does! (:

  23. Anonymous11:49 pm

    british, american, singlish, or whatsoever
    why deny it? you definitely picked up the accent from Mark.
    but i like it!

  24. Thanks for the video upload.

    Glad to get to know u more through the video. =)

  25. yea yea im soooooooo jealous lol..

  26. Anonymous4:17 pm

    hey babe,

    i enjoyed the vid! & your voice sounds perfectly fine. people are being so critical. just wanna say keep up the good work & dont let them bring you down! (:

    commented by a girl.

  27. Anonymous12:20 am

    Yeah I read some comments above, your accent slips and switches every now and then. A bit strange, and you know how much Singaporeans dislike fake accents. Still, wayyyyyyyy better than lousy Singlish.

  28. Anonymous7:44 pm

    hi, have to say i like u better when ur single cus u updated more!

  29. Anonymous2:55 pm

    May I know how to go to theblogshop at haji lane , actually i heard abt haji lane quite some time ago but i do not know the direction there only know it's somewhere near bugis :(

  30. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Nice video Holly J.
    She certainly did not sound british, seemed more like a natural asian accent with adequately enunciated words.

  31. @anon2.55 - Yep.. bugis MRT... then walk down... past the Gotham City lookalike building.. cross the street and you will see Haji Lane.

    The blogshop is at 35 Haji Lane..

    if u go to theblogshop.sg's link.. i think u can find a map/how to get there info...

  32. Anapower1:25 am

    Aiyoh let her talk the way she wants to. Kepo la all these people! Her business la if she wants to speak in brit twang or what.

    (Holly, u like my minah-fied singlish? teehee)

  33. anon2.556:18 pm

    hello HJ! I can't find a map at theblogshop's website :( mind doing a video / take photo of landmark the next time you go? =)

  34. ok.. will try to do tht next time if i remember.(no promises).

    But it's really very very easy to get there. You can just go to Bugis MRT, then ask station control for some directions.. or just walk and ask people. 5 min walk.

    map here-



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