Day Out With my BFF

F accompanied me to the ICA building today to collect my IC card...

Damn it... the photo I submitted looked nice (in my opinion lah.. as far as passport photos go). But somehow when they put it on my IC card, they changed the dimensions to give me a shorter/broader face... like I have a round face in my Identity card now. WTF.

Then we went to Bugis's Nandos for lunch. I'm wearing a polka dot romper from LustMonday btw.

We shared the Petisco platter and a chicken livers dish... and I ate all the chicken livers, F gets grossed out. I don't find liver or any animal parts disgusting at all... so delicious.

And GREAT service from nando's Bugis outlet (for the first time ever!!). I think they changed a lot of their staff, or maybe I was just lucky to get a capable and friendly server this time.

F is due very very sooooooooon........


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I got the pics from the Photoshoot I did in Hungary!!! (I used one of them for my new Blog Mast) :) I'll show you the rest tomorrow!


  1. Looks ok leh. I ate quite a bit of liver last week hehe.

  2. Anonymous12:11 am

    Nandos look great...

  3. yes.. but i really feel like eating plain yu tiao at this very moment.. :S



  4. Anonymous2:29 am

    Thank you for coming to Nando's. It was a pleasure serving you and your friend.

  5. I like yu tiao with chicken porridge or bak kut teh! yummmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Anonymous5:49 pm

    I'm a sucker for you tiao, any time of the day...with a nice cup of kopi of course.

  7. Hi Holly

    I really hope you will give me advice regarding this. For 2 years, my bf didnt allow me to club (we're both 21) without him cus he said girls shouldnt club without their bfs. and when i wanted to go, he'd never go with me cus he said he hated it and he'd scold me for being desperate for clubbing -__- but i listened to him cus i thought he was THE ONE. and the thing is, he kept saying he'd grown out of clubbing and he didnt want to club etc cus he had me, all that BS.

    how wrong i was. the moment he went overseas to study, he placed me as his last priority. he clubbed 4 times in a month, drank alot etc, he basically did so many things he didnt like me to do! and he wasn't even sorry about it! what a jerk!

    anyway i ended it with him last week and guess what. he clubbed till 5 am the next day wtf. and just yesterday, he clubbed AGAIN and this time he held a girl's hand a few times, held her waist a few times too and let her rest her head on his shoulder for a minute??

    i feel so disgusted, cheated and betrayed by him, Holly Jean! What are our views on this and how the hell so I erase him out of my life for good till i get over him??

    so many guys are jerks. seriously, when he comes back to sg, im going to give him a tight slap! >:(

  8. Dear megan ( hope u dont mind tht i am answering you here in the comments section... cos u didn't leave an email )

    First thing is. Never let a man dictate what you can or cannot do.

    Second thing - go out this weekend with your friends and club.. have fun. Don't miss out on a great part of socialising and growing up.

    Thirdly- it may be tht your BF never clubbed before but being overseas has given him a new experience and an interest in partying. Tht's normal.

    But he still should not have any double standards and restrict you from clubbing in SG.

    As for the flirting with a girl ( who told you this???)

    I would say dump him and move on to much better things now. Or you can wait... until he cheats on you... or dumps you.. whichever comes first.

    He hasn't treated you right. He's still not treating you right. I know it's hard.... but let this hurt and anger make you strong... make you tough enough to say - NO MORE BULLSHIT.


  9. Don't worry HJ, I already dumped him last week and by the time he regrets it, i'll be able to show him the middle finger :D

    thanks HJ you're awesome!

  10. Anonymous9:51 pm

    you looked suprised in the photo of your IC..but in an adorable kind of way..Above all,you still looked gorgeous effortlessly..


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