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No Sunday Lemmings today. (Will resume next Sunday). Today is for the boys!

I think it's so much easier for a girl find affordable clothes and look stylish... but for men... it's hard for them to dress casually and yet not look like engineering students at NUS (no offence, just an observation).

When it comes to Men's fashion, I envy the South Koreans for their style. The things you should look out for to get the looks at this year's Korean Fashion Week are- Cropped pants, slim pants, casual t-shirts with unique print (Not Cartoon ones), slim fit shirts...

It's the new metrosexual style for straight men really. It's a mix of Masculinity and Androgyny rolled into one look.

If you're a boy, look into your wardrobe.. dump those baggy cargos, dump those cheap bugis village and cheesy printed thai market t-shirts... no more blah jeans circa 2005.... no more thick chunky belts... and please.... never wear sports (running) shoes with your casual wear!!!!

Now you have a great place to check out inexpensive and in-style pieces for your wardrobe.

The[S]implemen. They sell Korean and Japanese inspired men's fashion.

This look is oh so cool for a casual day out or to go to school.... The Polo T is only SG$26! Btw, the cutting is a slim fit... so an L size will fit an Asian Medium guy. (when in doubt, just look at the individual measurements for each item provided onsite)

Bermudas are slim fit and tailored looking.

Even though it's still a street style, the trend is to look smart and structured (and thus expensive looking), and not sloppy or grunge looking at all.

They have a range of Bermudas in a few neutral colours (easy to match your shirts/polos/tees). And they all cost about 20-something bucks only.
For a smarter image, these slim fit shirts are $26 each too!

And slim pants.... niiiceee... especially good for Asian men because most of them have no butts. Slim pants also make legs look longer. :)

You can pair it up with a slim fit shirt... maybe a cardigan (for cold cinemas/lectures/etc), and canvas sneakers for a casual look. Or be more formal (while still looking very trendy) with leather shoes and a cute bowtie (!!). Slim pants are a wardrobe staple.
Accessorise with these clean, simple, stylish belts. ($17)
There's a promo now (until 31st Oct).
Buy $50 & above to get $5 off
$80 & above to get $10 off
$100 & above to get $15 off
CLICK to shop! Don't forget to join their Facebook Page for the latest updates on promotions and new stock. :)
Happy Shopping Boys! And girls who want to dress up their boys ... (I've been improving my BF's wardrobe, right down to the undies!)


  1. Anonymous7:12 pm


    My BF is an engineer and yes, he does wear his track shoes with jeans. How did you know?

    Did you used to dated an engineer?

  2. never dated an engineer.

    (dated an NUS engineering student once upon a time, while I was in Junior college)

  3. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Hello Holly,

    Love your new banner on the side! Muchos Sexy my lady!

    Love, V

  4. Anonymous4:11 pm

    dear holly,

    No offence. But this current main photo you have right at the top of your blog... is not flattering.

    I got a shock when I saw it. Bluntly speaking, it makes you look old and haggard. =(

  5. Anonymous7:04 pm

    I agree..

  6. Anonymous12:13 am

    Jealousy is a disease.

  7. Holly Jean,

    Nice clothing for younger men, but not appropriate at my age.

    Slim fits would not look good on my older frame.


  8. the clothes looks great! gonna get the bf to take a look at the site :p


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