Sunday Lemmings: Pretty Stuff!!!

Get a modern peasant girl look with this Vodka Skittles Candy Top from Le Flirtini
It's emerald green (fully lined) with cream crochet details.

Oh so sweet and flirty. They also have it in soft shades of peach, lilac and pastel blue. :)

P/s - They also have a few pairs of nice heels that are priced to clear. (Worn just once by their models during the shoot). So if you're looking for a pair of shoes at a great deal... they're in the "What's Available" section.For updates, like Le Flirtini's facebook page (here).

Clothes & People is a new online store that I like. Oh. if you're looking for original Ray Bans, or Balenciaga, Gucci, Dior eyeglasses/sunglasses, they stock quite a big range of them.

I'm wearing their Ribbon Straw Hat and Lilly Floral Maxi Dress. This pretty dress comes in yellow and blue floral as well.

Their facebook page is Here. You can find all sorts of tips there, like - how to wear a maxi dress if you are petite.

Pre Loved.

Quick Shout out for my neighbour who is selling her Longchamp and other bags. (original stuff)... interested please email her directly for pics/prices -


  1. Ah Seng5:57 pm

    wa lau y u like to act innocent sex kitten look now ah?? Like the one in first pic of this post. Sometimes weird leh...

  2. i thought it was a nice pic.. of my puppy and i looking at each other

    weird weird lor.

  3. Ah Seng6:50 pm

    Eh sorry I screwed eye already liao, not that pic of you and doggie, that one is nice. I meant the one of u in maxi dress and hat sitting on grass! Tak boleh tahan leh...

  4. Anonymous7:42 pm

    hi HJ i think i u shld check and block ah seng's and esther wong's IP from your comments board as they are the same. Quite disturbing that this person gives you two very different language standard... ah seng is very singlish (so unimaginative lol) and then esther wong speaks proper english. so definitely someone trying to sabo u here.


  5. little g10:13 pm

    The question is, how the hell *guardian* knows about it.


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