I've not been well... I hate feeling like this. Like a sick gastric type feeling in my stomach... since yesterday.

My birthday is in 12 days. I hope I feel well by then. Everything else in my life is going very well right now... Sod's Law.... like everytime one part of my life is good, another part will find a way to bite me in the ass. For instance, when my career goes well, my love life is in shambles. But now, I love my work and where it's headed, and I've found a special someone who is so deserving and whom I care for very much. We've been dating exactly 1 month today... and I've been finding it so difficult to keep it hush hush.

So am just waiting to feel 100% health wise. Then for the first time in a looooong while, everything will be pretty perfect.


I'm starting a new clothes label soon! I'm not going to do my own blogshop. Instead, it's going to be in 3 retail outlets (so you can see the stuff and try them on before you buy). And the label will also be available to blogshops, so they can sell my designs if they like them (if you're a blogshop owner looking for supplies, I will let you know more about this later on).

Still very early stages... it's going to be a range of casual and party wear.

I'm thinking of calling it - Juxtapose! By Holly Jean

It means to contrast 2 opposites by placing them side by side. As a label, the philosophy would be to not be afraid to be different, to stand out, to be an opposite in a world of similars.

What else can I name it? Let me know what you think... I am open to suggestions.


Yesterday, I had my ettusais/CLEO shoot. Good fun. :)

I will share with you the rest of the pics later on as I cannot reveal stuff until after the mag is out ( NOV issue... will be out in mid OCT).


Lastly, here's a quick update from the house of Chloé.
To celebrate the Fall/Winter 2010 season, Chloé has a special program "Shopping in the Rain".
This limited edition umbrella is yours with any purchase at a Chloe Boutique. It's got a retro French sorta flair to it... with its slim leather handle and new Chloé logo. I like it, very elegant :) . Designed by Chloé's Artistic Director Hannah MacGibbon.

Chloé Singapore stores are at Changi Airport T2 & T3, DFS on Scotts, and Ngee Ann City.


  1. Get well soon!!! I thought you just fell sick not long ago, body should be quite resistant. I'm down too :( I manage to hold out for 3 days before going down. Now i'm left with all the coughing and the constant headache again blah.

    Eh how do you pronounce it? It's meaningful and as long as it's not a mouthful to read it, should be good :)

  2. oh tht time ( couple of months ago) it was the flu.. tht was muuuch worse.. with the fevers and constant pains.

    now is just gastric... like acid eating up my tummy.. but everytime I eat, the pains get worse! It's passing off now.. ust watched resident evil with my BF, and it stopped hurting so far.

  3. Anonymous11:09 pm

    HJ by Holly Jean...

    short and sweet.... :)

    get well soon...
    i kinda relate when you mentioned:

    "when my career goes well, my love life in shambles..."

    is a terrible feel sometimes to be alone on wkends... but i get over soon after...

    to feel 100% health wise, have enough sleep and eat diligently.

    take care HJ :)


  4. Did you watch it in 3D? I'm waiting for Devil and Shock Labyrinth 3D.

    You should relax, i think stress makes the gastric worse.

  5. @kuen It's pronounced Jugs-Ta-pose btw.

    @D-Guy i thought about labelling it HJ. But someone told me before tht my intials HJ = HandJob. lol

  6. CeLestina8:07 am

    Wow!! Looks like love is in te air again : ) Tell us more HJ! I'm so excited for u. Its so sweet to love & to be loved ....

  7. congratulations on your new love.. i'd knew u'd find someone suitable if u just waited and not rushed into anything... tell us more!

  8. Anonymous7:43 am

    so I supose you are no longer going to Maldives with Mark for your birthday present??

  9. Congrats on your new label! I think HJ by Holly Jean is personable and more "you". Besides, it can be your personal brand.

  10. Pauline3:40 pm

    A small request, can your clothes have sizes up to 14/16? I like the clothes/blogshops you advertise for but the sizes are alwaz too small. It will be great if you can have XL size.

  11. Anonymous7:48 am

    How about Holly Molly? I like the name Holly maybe it can rhyme with others? Or maybe quirky?

  12. Anonymous7:48 am

    How about Holly Molly? I like the name Holly maybe it can rhyme with others? Or maybe quirky?



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