Hair Up Do

My simple hair up-do in under a minute!
Those of you who were asking me where this top (Tshirt dress) was from... it's now available in TheStyleHunter's new collection...


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My sex column this week on is on the secret codes (which signal sex) that men and women should know...


  1. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Hi,holly jean. May i know the email for stylehunter as i could not find in their livejournal @.@

  2. hmm... i think u can order by submitting a comment. It wont appear on the page itelf ( your email addie etc) but it will go straight to them.

    only the comments which are general questions get published at the end of each collection.

    (me thinks)

    (tried lookin for their email addie for orders but i cldn't find it on the site either. So i guess the only way is through the comments. I only have their personal email. sorry... any probs contacting them, drop me an email and I will forward to them)

  3. Your hair is very healthy!

  4. I can never ever figure out how the ladies managed to tie their hair with just a simple stick. (Not that I need to). But hey, thanks for the video. :)

  5. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Oh, thanks.
    Could you help me inform them.
    As i ytd had alr comment to ask for some enquiries but till now they did not reply.


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