Foot-Loose & Falsie Free (Video Log 5)

Today's final video log is a bit different.. it's fun and loud and I won't talk (haha).

(I suppose you must be quite sick of hearing me rattle away for the last 4 nights! I kept the videos all under 3 minutes though!)

This video represents my thoughts, being falsie free the last 5 days or so. And after this short journey, I've realised that it's NOT about looking natural all the time. It's NOT about opting to be plain rather than showy.

It's about knowing how make the best of what's out there (in terms of make up, fashion, high heels, hair products etc etc). There's nothing wrong with enjoying all that.

But it's more importantly about realising that despite everyone chasing "perfection", we should never hurt our bodies in pursuit of it, and we should be comfortable being who we are naturally.

So, now, if I don't wear false eyelashes, or if I don't use any mascara, I'm okay. I don't think less of myself or the way I look. But anytime I want to be a bit plastic and stick some falsies on... I will.. and that's okay too.

It's amazing that embarking on a "Foot Loose & Falsie Free" 5 day journey can start out just for pure amusement.. and end up making me realise something so important about self image.

Hugs to everyone! (I'm in a huggy mood!)

Products used in my falsie-free 5 days (and beyond of course) : Eyelash essence SG$29 , Speedy Eye Make up Off SG$22 & Bitaba Mascara SG$38. From

Thank you for joining me on this journey! :D

(Results of the Pandora Giveaway later today!)


  1. Anonymous1:45 am

    Holly, I've started reading your blog because you were so genuine and your blog posts were interesting. Then some where along the line, you started posting videos on how-to's and video log. Nothing wrong with that but you sound like you are trying to fake the way you talk. I watched you on S Factor and you spoke nothing like how you do now. I really hope you do not become like one of those plastic-ky bloggers who are so full of themselves. By the way, you look good without the falsies. They really do not suit you. This is has got nothing against you but just commenting. Hope to see Holly back again.

  2. You sounds the same to me.. but the accent was stronger in your earlier videos when you first started.

    I like this song. Where did you get it?

    Also I think you look nicer with the falsies. But both ways are fine.


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