Foot-Loose & Falsie-Free (Video Log 3)

Back from a night out.. and yes... I went OTT with my bitaba mascara again. I'm thankful that my eye make up remover works fast and well.

AHH! In the video,I Kept saying Speedy Eye Make UP Off.. when the product is Speedy Eye Make Off! Sorry!!

And...Apologies for the shitty video quality :( I've been using my Lap top's built in web cam to record all these vids. (Will invest in a proper vid cam soon!)


  1. esther wong1:36 am

    zzz lighting is so bad. who can see if the makeup is thoroughly removed? before removal and after looks the same. ettusais shld be ashamed for allowing this kind of lousy advertorial. so slipshod.

    anyway, why do u keep clenching ur teeth when u speak? ur diction is so poor. can't believe u used to be an english teacher when ur oral skills = fail.

  2. hi esther wong.

    In the post, I already apologised for the shitty video quality. I had limitations.

    I'm just vlogging for 5 nights - my experience of being falsie free. This is NOT AN ADVERTORIAL... Neither is the purpose of this video to show u some magic show of before and after effects!


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