Foot-Loose & Falsie Free (Video Log 2)

I think I managed to achive a dolly eye look with dramatic black liquid eyeliner, no eyeshadow (as I was going for casting, so can't be too made up) , and like 4 coats of my Bitaba Mascara. First coat I applied on top of my lashes. And the next 2 coats I applied as per normal, but I made sure to do a jiggly zig zag motion with the brush so a lot of product coated each lash. Last coat I only applied on the ends ( I know... damn kiasu)

When I look down I think it looks sweet now, before, my fake lashes used to be like huge curtains over my eyes whenever I looked downwards.

OK... now I need to remove all that mascara and eyeliner before bed time.... I shudder at the thought.. cos I think I really OVER DID it with the mascara (!!!!!!)... update on the new eye make up remover tomorrow night!


  1. Anonymous6:21 am

    Looks much better than ur drag queen type lashes HJ!

  2. sandra7:44 pm

    I went to try the bitaba mascara today.. ended up buying the essence too!!!! Pokai liao!

    U look nice in this video with the wind blowing your hair. you have sharp features. I envy you girl.


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