www.hollyjean.sg !

In a couple of days, whenever you type in my old blogspot address or http://www.hollyjean.says.it/, you will be automatically redirected to my new domain http://www.hollyjean.sg/ .

No worries, it's the exact same blog just that I am moving to my own domain in 2 days or so. :)


Ok, here's another fun Nail Art DIY video :0)
Pac Man Nails!
It's easy to do and very colourful... I love colour!
The figure hugging tank top I'm wearing is the Fiesty Frilly Tank Top from Urbanalised. (They also have it in grey and mint colours). Very comfy, great for relaxed days. Me likey!
(Oh, sorry the photos are damn freaking bright.. I had white lights on so the instructional video would be clear)

Watch, watch!!!


P/s- Have you clicked LIKE on my dress design yet??? One lucky LIKEr will win it! (Last day to LIKE is this Wednesday!)


  1. Congrats! You bought the domain!! :)

  2. HJ, your nails looks so interesting, so cute. I like it! :)

  3. wow... nice to have your own domain.


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