Walk A Dog

I'm baaaaacccck!Just received this terribly cute party invite from ettusais... it's for a lash party this Thursday evening. Whooo! Will keep you updated.

Lola & I have been invited to a DOG WALKATHON on East Coast... unfortunately, I already have a meeting scheduled that Saturday morning. :( (will try but I don't think I can reschedule it)
But if you're in Singapore, you love dogs and have a furbie, maybe you could check this event out! Sounds like a fun morning out, there are prizes to be won, and it's for a good cause. The revenue goes to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society [ACRES], a non-profit organisation which stops illegal wildlife trade and rescues animals in Singapore.

Date: September 11, Saturday
Time: 7:30am - 12pm
Location: Dalbergia Green, East Coast Park (Carpark C4 to D1)

For more details: Check out their website and facebook page :)

OK.. I'm going to sort through my HK pictures now... show you tonight!


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