Sunday Lemmings: Nautical Girl

Before I start this Sunday's Lemmings, I'd just like to say Happy Birthday to my Brazilian wax therapist (turned friend), Kerry! :) *hug*
The Golddust is having a promo for the whole month of August to celebrate her Birthday.

Ahoy Matey! Today's Sunday Lemmings is all about nautical inspired dressing. So have fun with classic stripes and sailor inspired details and accessories. Key colours are of course the Navy Blues, blue, white, black, and red.

:) When I accompanied my brother at midnight to queue up like mad to collect his iphone 4 (while I was recovering from the flu!), this is what I wore. (No... I haven't cut my hair yet.. I am waiting to grow out my bangs a bit first then I'll get a new haircut with sideswept bangs)This outfit is from PaperPolly. The white Cut-out Bodycon Top is a MUST when it comes to mixing and matching. It's so versatile. I love this one because of the cut out detailing on the sleeves.
My Tailored Denim Shorts are also very comfy, has nice deep pockets... with cute anchor motif gold buttons. The white sneakers are from cotton on.

Paperpolly also has these culottes ($18 only) which are a nice alternative to the shorts.
Nautical inspired dressing doesn't always mean you have to look like you're going yachting! I love infusing nautical elements such as stripes, and then playing around with colour...

This stripped mini dress and Prim grey high socks are from ClubCouture. ahoy
I loove the peekaboo red edging on the hems!
My red reflective shades were from cotton on. Red laboutin inspired pumps from Xquisis.
(This is what they look like without the socks)

There's so many colours to choose from.. one to match every outfit!! :D


This sailor girl tank dress is from NewLook. I likeeeeee... very cute... but very unforgiving, so not for chubby days and not for buffet lunches. lol (*Note to self * I just realised pics from this angle make my waist appear smaller!)

This dress (also NewLook) is a nice classic nautical piece... it has the double rows of buttons. I like the design a lot, but I didn't get this one in the end because I think I look disgustingly boney in it. :(

What a freaking difference to the stripe dresses huh... see!! Must always dress to suit your figure!
P/s- I don't know if my last advertorial (on LY Group hiring financial consultants) was clear enough or not... It's an advertorial telling you about LY group and that they are hiring consultants. But I keep getting repeated emails from readers asking me -
1) am I, Holly Jean, a financial consultant?
2) Don't lie, you do make money blogging.
My answers: 1) No. I am not a financial consultant. I shared with you how I could quit my job two years ago, even though I wasn't earning a living from blogging yet ( at that time... 2 years ago!) because I had financial planning done and saw that it was possible and would not be a struggle.
2) of course I make money blogging. It's my full time job now! (But 2 years ago, when I quit teaching, I didnt earn $ from my blog yet... but of course I planned to.)
Am I making sense here? Won't be answering anymore similar emails k, no offense.


  1. Anonymous10:08 pm

    hi holly :)
    are the heels from xquisis comfy? thanks :)

  2. yeeeesss! :D

    i think they're only abt 4 inches high though.. ( my super high ones are 6 inches.. damn Ouchie).

    Balance is good too. I like it. Size fits true. Except when I wear wirh socks, my heel someimes slips out when i walk. but when I wear on its own, its perfectly fine.

  3. Heel Lover/Hater12:55 am

    Hj, pls pls advise on the secret of wearing heels? Is it all about practise? All those times I wore heels, i've gotten blisters and pains, not to forget backaches. How is it that some gals can wear heels for hours in comfort? How do you make wearing heels soooo effortless? I really fancy them but i swear my feet looked so deformed after walking for hours in them n Im not even talking about super high heels!

  4. wow you are seriously too skinny HJ. That last pic is almost like I can see every bone in your body.

    I'm not insulting/criticising and I know you have been trying to gain weight (you said you had gain back your weight, but it don't really seem so. maybe you put on muscle weight?)

    But because you are so skinny, the horizontal stripes flatter you very well.

  5. @ Celia.. I do agree tht pic looks uglily skinny. (i said so myself in the post . lol)

    Not sure if it was the dress or camera angle or what.. but yeah.. :(

    no worries... i am healthy :D

    and best of all- happy!

    at heel lover/hater

    OHH i have had heels (and even flats) tht have given me nasty blisters. SOme cheap shoes cut, soe expensive shoes do too.

    After a while, u can pretty much tell (based on stiffness of material, the edges, the shape of ur foot etc..) when u try a pair on, u kinda know (with let's say 90% accuracy) whether or not it's going to chaff or cut into your flesh. So u can either NOT BUY IT.. or if u MUST have them, then prepare ur feet before u wear them. There are anti-blister which u can buy (looks like a tube of roll on deodorant).. i had one from Boots (the drugstore) years ago... i dont have anymore, and kinda hardly need it, so I dont buy. (the ones in SG, not boots brand, but u can find at sports stores are like expensive... almost 30bucks or so). Or place a plaster at the spot u think will rub.

    other people say rubbing wax (candle) on the edges of the shoe before wearing will help...

    There's actually a shit load of things I can tell u about heels... lol. so I'll do it in a post later this week... if i forget.. remind me!

  6. Heels Lover/Hater6:32 am

    Omg ya a gem!!! I look forward to that post! I'll be leaving my 20s soon and damn it's about time I strut around in heels!!!! You got me excited now! Thanks in advance! Xo

  7. Anonymous3:08 pm


    may i ask where did you buy the sailor girl tank dress is from? NewLook? is it a site or sth?


  8. yes the tank dress is frm new look

    new look is a UK brand.. kinda like Topshop and d perkins but Cheaper. (not as cheap as Primark though!)

    it just came to Singapore this year. there are outlets in ION and 313Somerset. Can't but online (i think).

  9. Anonymous9:29 pm


    i was wondering - u would be turning 30 soon? how come you still wanna dress like a 15 year old?

  10. i dress to suit my lifestyle... and i wear what makes me happy.

    I don't feel the need to conform to any other people's ideas of what's right or wrong.

    basically, simple answer is I like it.

    When you're get to 30, you can wear habits or all black and no colour or dresses that are as long as your shins or whatever you think 30 year olds should wear. :) I won't judge you, I promise.

  11. Anonymous7:41 am

    :) 31... and ive got comments, i dress like a 15 yr old.. but then i said i got tips from how You dress... aiya.. so how? lol..
    i still like it though.

    i wont judge u too coz i like the style. :P

  12. @anon above.

    I'm sure u look great!

    (And it's not inappropriate dressing lah... not as if you're wearing a diaper or


  13. Anonymous10:54 am

    Cos looking sophisticated isn't the look HJ is going for :)

  14. Anonymous10:57 am

    Last week's Vintage Sunday Lemmings was sophisticated looks.

    Nautical looks are of course more fun looking!

    Take a chill pill people!

  15. Anonymous9:29 pm

    You are quite boney!


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