Sunday Lemmings - Let's Have A Romp!

First, a quick shout out... SundayNine is a new blogshop.. with 2 collections so far.. and they have some great weekend party pieces and casual rompers etc... do check them out.
They have a little surprise every sunday at nine. So check back letter tonight at 9pm (!!) to see what surprise they have for you...

This Sunday's Lemmings is all about rompers and jumpsuits. Here's a whole collection of one piece outfits that I like...

If you want to see a bigger picture or price/details, just click directly on the pic itself.


  1. They look really nice. Guys only really have that many to rotate lol

  2. Anonymous12:14 am

    i've always wanted to ask this question...Is it me or is it realllllllly difficult to go to the loo in a romper?

  3. haha. no it's not just you!

    I always go to the loo... then when I am there I actually mutter "Damn it! So troublesome"

    then for some reason, I forget about that instance, and wear rompers again a few days later!

    But over all.. ok.. I can think of worse things... like wearing jeans, and having to use the loo after you've just painted your nails! (ARGHHHHHHHHHHH)

  4. Hmmm a business idea. Romper that's loo-friendly...........


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