OK, I Cut My Hair

Yesterday.. I stayed up to write and answer heaps of emails.... until almost 5 am... thinking I would be able to sleep in the next day. BUT I forgot that I fixed a hair appointment at 9 freaking am!
So I had to go for my hair cut after only like 3 hours of sleep. :( I can't stand my fringe.. damn difficult to grow out... it's frizzing, the baby hair is haywire, and i just hate the messy look. Plus everytime I try to tame it with gel or wax, I get dandruff!!!
So in the end, i opted to rebond the fringe part (not the whole head). So that I can maintain a wash and go hairstyle. And instead of straight across bangs, I did it side swept. And while reading HerWorld (August issue) there, I was delighted to find that in those fashion spotting off the street kind of stuff that HerWorld does, one of the girls spotted was wearing a ClubCouture dress. Yay... things don't have to be super expensive in order to look good :)
A bit flat cos just rebonded, should be better in a week. Now it's still too short to be a proper side swept look... but it's a start :)
My cute CareBears T shirt in this post is from UrbanAlised. It's going to be in their next collection ( not out yet)! If you like it, then join their mailing list so you'll be informed when it's launched. :)


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  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    hey holly, which salon did you get your hair done at?
    and how much was the rebonding of the fringe :)

  3. My hair used to be perfect (to me) for yearsss... I used to go to a place at club street... and then mid last year, my stylist William disappeared!!! and i can't contact him thru his usual mobile anymore. That's damn sad. keep changing salons. and my hair is forever full of problems now.

    The last rebonding late last year, i just did at Simei.. and the fuckers didn't do a good job, becos i have fine hair, and they left the stuff on too long, I ended up with a lot of damage, and I chopped my hair shorter. It used to reach my lower back ( if u look at my blog pics from 1 year plus ago)

    This time, I went to a salon in Loyang point, close to where I live. Second floor near the flower shop ( lol). and they did an okay job. no complaints, but i wldnt say its fantastic.

    so still on the lookout for a new hairstylist I can call my own.

    (Cost was $55 to rebond the fringe part which is a good proce considering they used shiseido)

  4. Maybe he messed up someone's hair and is on the run now :P.

  5. kingkong12:12 am

    note to guys: see how personal it can get if your messed up a girls hair? rarely seeing her calling anyone fuckers.

  6. I rebonded my hair this year. Best (hair) decision ever!


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