Mini Give Away - Gel Nail vouchers.

On Thursday I went to the Heeren's new section called ALT (3 floors of women's stuff.. make up, lingerie, toiletries etc). The newest and largest ettusais counter is there too! I wore my new Dottie Denim Shirt from Urbanalised . Cute white polka dots on distressed denim, with 2 front faux pockets. The puff sleeves add a girly twist to this shirt.Sheradine arranged for all the ettusais ambassadors to get a free Soft Gel Nail manicure at WINK NAILS which is on the third floor of Heeren's ALT space. (Thank you Sherry!)
I opted for a simple design, clear nails, and shimmer tips. Gel nails are super glossy. I like!

I wanted to do more nail tutorial videos next week actually... but I can't now, cos this gel nails will last 3 to 4 weeks!!! So will put that on hold first.. (sorry!)
It took less than an hour to complete.. after that I went to meet my friend at Nando's in Bugis... and I was admiring my healthy shiny looking nails all the way there. What a whore!
By the way, I am officially sick of Nando's now. I use to crave it all the time... but I've had enough now, can take a long break.
Plus the staff are so inattentive and like, they don't have much common sense or common courtesy... just not service oriented. I wonder who did the staffing. (Is it just me who feels this way? Have you been there yet?)
While I was at Wink Nails, I picked up 5 vouchers worth $20 each to giveaway to my readers. All you have to do is be the first 5 people to comment on this post. Remember to either use your Blogger id, or if you don't have that, then leave your email so I can contact you to mail you the voucher. (This giveaway is for those in Singapore only.)

For those interested, their prices are -$98 for a colour gel set done by local nail artist. (you can use the $20 voucher to offset the price of the gel nails)

- $128 for colour gel set done by Japanese Nail Artist (Mine was done by Yuko, the pretty lady in the picture)

Wink Nails doesn't have a webbie, but you can call them at 68369296 or email

P/s- I have a clothes giveaway on Monday. Stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous12:21 am i one of the top 5??
    Thanks Holly!!!

    Lurve your dress by the way ;)

  2. Anonymous12:22 am

    hi holly! pls enter me for the vouchers! my addie is

  3. nicole

  4. pretty nails there!(:something different from the usual french manicures

  5. Thanks!

  6. Hmmm.. I think I have my 5 winners.

    Emailing you now..

    But Gloria, I can't seem to see your email me if you want the voucher

  7. oh no im a little late. hahaha

  8. oh man i've missed it too =(

  9. Another bored blog reader10:08 am

    Hi HJ,

    you still look scarily thin... but we are just your bored blog readers who read your blog & pass comments as time fillers.. for me, that's how i geninuely feel when i see your photos lately.... scarily thin.. used to be "wow, such a pretty gal with nice features!"

    BUT having said that, am sure you are in the good hand of your family & friends who will intervene if they feel you need help :)

  10. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Holly, if u think the service at the Nandos Bugis branch is bad. U should have a look at the one at Tanglin Mall. HORRIBLE! When we wanted to place an order, no one was in sight. My bf had to go look for someone. Then we waited 20 min for our drink. Even after we asked a waiter about it, he went to check without coming back and 5 min later, we got to ask another waiter. Oh, btw, the table next to ours with a Caucasian couple already had both their drinks and food served before us. While we were there, a family after eating, gave negative feedback to the staff about having to wait that long for their food and it was cold. Another lady with a toddler stormed off after telling the staff off as well and didn't even have her meal. Our fries were cold too btw. I seriously think they should study the way the restaurants are operated. A good thing their chicken is good if not, will not have good business with their way of operating the restaurants.

  11. Actually almost went to the new tanglin branch !!! BUt i didn't want to walk from Heeren to tanglin so I took the train to Bugis instead.

    damn. I was actually hoping tht the tanglin one might be better. Cos I always get annoyed with the service at bugis. It's not like they are short of staff.. if anything, I think they've hired too many wait staff fos such a small area.. but they're just quite slack, and inefficient. IMHO

  12. Anonymous1:00 am

    I've been to the Bugis branch a couple of times. It's a good thing I've not had a bad experience. The Tanglin branch wasn't very crowded because we were there slightly earlier than 6 so there's no excuse for not being able to cope. "Slack" is the word that can be applied to the staff here too. I don't feel that sense of urgency. They take some time to show customers to the table too despite having quite a few empty tables readily available. It's like they couldn't decide where to seat customers!! Anyway, I do hope it's a once off bad experience at Tanglin Mall. Oh yeah, their chicken's addictive though haha...

  13. Anonymous1:18 am

    I agree..scaringly thin..ouch.

  14. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Yes i agree, nando's(@bugis) service sucks. When i was there for the first time few months back, they totally left us waiting for our seats when there were empty tables and uncleared tables (which they didn't even bother to clear). i wonder where did all the staffs went to. Perhaps they felt that their food was heavenly nice and that people would wait no matter how long. In my opinion, their food was below average plus the kind of service, i told myself i will nv step in again after the previous time.


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