Hong Kong

I wanted to do a bumper blogpost of my HK trip.. BUT there's so many photos to sort through... and uploading in bulk is vomit inducing. (blogger uploads only 5 at a time)

So, I selected 70+ photos of the sights, my stash, and foooood... which u can view on my facebook page HERE. Feel free to leave comments/ask qns under the pics in that album, I'll try to respond to all.If you're planning a trip, getting around HK is easy, via their Airport express train (it's about SG$20 into town from the airport) It's a very comfy ride that takes less than half an hour. Then you can get an Octopus card which is a stored value card, and you can zip around on the MTR, costs about a dollar each ride.It's hot in the summer, so dress comfortably. My tank top is from ClubCouture. My purple skinnies were a gift. I quite like the 80s neon type colours now... *cue synthesizer*

(By the way, a big thank you to all of you who suggested side swept bangs... I LOVE IT. )

When we got to Causeway Bay ( Via the MTR), we walked to our hotel on Morrison Hill Road. It's supposed to be like a few minutes away on foot... but we got out at the wrong exit from the MTR, and missed the street we were supposed to be on...

I asked two locals for directions, one could not speak English, the other didn't know the directions either. Then I asked an expat, and he pointed us down the road we walked past like 15 mins ago! I booked 4 nights at The Butterfly on Morrison. It was about $150 a night for a deluxe room... and it's a nice modern place. Location was great too. BUT the bathroom was soo tiny.
ooh... need to share, my candy pink handbag was from MillyWalker. It arrive just in time for my trip. So pretty! Love it! And the strap is detachable, and I could put on a longer strap to sling it across too. It's much nicer to walk around Wan Chai and Causeway Bay at night than during the day. It's a relatively safe place, loads of cop cars visible.
I didn't actually do much clothes shopping there. It's cheap, but I've got waaay too many clothes now... and I prefer the stuff in Singapore too. Maybe I'm just not a HK fashion sorta girl... I don't know.
The main purpose of this trip was to watch my brother's film - Mickey which was being screen at the Broadway Cinematechque in Yau Ma Tei. ( I may have messed up the spelling here)
Sneaking a picture during the screening...
That's Wesley answering some audience Q & A after the screening... I'm so proud of my younger bro!
The most enjoyable part for me was Victoria's Peak.. LOVE IT!! The views, the weather...it's a nice day out. This gradient shirt is from TheStyleHunter's earlier collection.
I got a whole bunch of Bikinis from H&M... I'm going to start swimming again, and I love mixing and matching bikini tops and bottoms. I'll give away one mix & match bikini set to my readers... stay tuned for that.
And I also bought Pandora bracelets from the ladies market.. me likessss... so pretty. One will be yours! Will do the giveaways this week and next week.
Well... 4 nights in HK... is just about right for me.. I missed Singapore, and missed my family and Lola, and a special someone else too.
I could never live in Hong Kong... but for a short holiday, it was fun. Thanks for the great experience HK! And fabulous weather!

P/s- Have you heard yet? NS boys and those serving reservist will get $9k! ( Click )
Btw, I have never said this before, but to all the Singaporean men who have been through 2 years of National Service- Thank you for defending our nation. :)


  1. I was not really defending la, more like helping them to do food testing for 2 1/2 years :P

  2. Anonymous8:57 am

    Hi babe! U could upgrade ur blogger! It now allows upload of multiple photos at a time!

    Anyway, wanted to ask u what kind o brassiere u wore for the van Ngoh maxi in tsh post u did below? The brand n the cut pls!


  3. Sorry, I don't understand which post you are refering to ...

    What is "van Ngoh maxi in tsh" ??????????

  4. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Sorry! I meant Thestylehunter's maxi.

    It's the 2nd dress in this collection :

  5. ohhh

    its a cheapo stick on bra. dunnoe the brand, threw box away long ago.

    dont get the rubbery silicon kind as they're heavy! get the thin light ones

  6. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Who is Special Someone Else Too???

  7. hehehe..Hong kong is good for shopping at stores like SaSa

  8. Hey HJ just wondering why HK is not an ideal living place for you... mind sharing?

    Seriously your bro is so capable and promising... Gosh I'm such a loser! sigh

  9. Hi Holly, I realised that I was in Hong Kong the same time you were. It was humid like hell. That last picture of you is great. I'm a sucker for sun rays captured on photographs.

  10. Anonymous1:36 pm

    hi, where in hong kong did u get the cath kidston bags?

  11. ladies Market :) abt 30 sing


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