Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

Happy Birthday Daddy! I hope mom remembered to give you the card I prepared for you! It says My Dad Rocks ! :DThis is the first time in our lives that my brother and I are missing my Dad's birthday... (maybe for my brother it's the second time.. lol... think he was in Rotterdam or somewhere this time last year?? I can't remember). But my brother Wesley's short film is screening tonight in Kowloon, so we could not fly home any earlier. This is the last pic of Lola I took before we left. :( Poor puppy has to sleep alone for 4 nights... I wonder what she's been thinking.

I'll be back soon! And will update you with pics galore and everything about this trip!
Meanwhile.. check out thestylehunter's collection which launched a few days ago...
The military inspired jackets are a great buy at $16.


  1. Anonymous12:10 am

    hey babe! I need your help! I've been looking for formal wear desperately! as i need them for my job, im looking for formal dresses! Do you have good websites to recommend me? PLEASE! and may i know which blogshop are u advertising for in the profile pic of you wearing the white dress?

    Thanks love!

  2. K.. Oif u want to buy a simple cocktail dress u can look at clubcouture.

    If u want a formal dinner dress, do check dress sense! Lovely gowns. And they rent too so u wont need to buy it for just one event.. :)

    Profile pic's white dress is from thestylehunter. ... was from my last photoshoot... so maybe not out in current collection yet. If its not in the current collection, it will be in the next one.

  3. Anonymous11:16 am

    hi! thanks for ur reply. May i know if there's other blogshops u can recommend too?

  4. Anonymous2:44 pm

    @anon 12.10: pls go to zara for formal dresses, holly doesn't have a job, so she doesn't really know where to get them

  5. @anon12.10 - whoops.. sorry! Read ur comment in a hurry ( as I am still In HK, and dont have much time to sit infront of the screen! apologies!

    I just read - "formal" and didnt realise you were asking about corporate wear! So I told u about cocktail and evening dresses! ( as in formal occassions/ black tie events!)

    For work wear - yes, Zara, and G2000 if u need cheap stuffy boring suits. Depending on where u work.. u may be able to get away with simple shift dresses, and tailored looking dresses from blogshops. I don't have the time right now to go thru the bogshops and pick out appropriate pieces ( sorry!)... u got to look thru them urself.

  6. Anonymous9:53 pm

    hey i've noticed that cookie's missing. what happened to cookie?

  7. cookie was adopted by my friend almost 2 years ago already.

  8. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hey i wanna get a dress from thestylehunter but I've waited for 2 days and they haven get back to me. Is that any way you can inform them or any email that i can contact them directly instead of the comment box?

  9. i think perhaps they're swamped...

    wait a couple more days, and if still no response, email me and I will forward ur mail directly to them


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