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I had an early morning shoot at The Blog Shop yesterday... (it was for TheStyleHunter of course)... and one of the pieces from their newest collection (launching pretty soon), is this green chiffon tunic.
I loved it so much, I took it. haha. And wore it to dinner at 1TwentySix at east coast's Playground. I met a friend for a nice catch up dinner last night. I looove the frilly bits on the front of the top. I dressed it down by wearing it with ballet flats. And no.. I did not take Lola to dinner with me. She only came along for the car ride, because my brother drove me there. Oysters were fab, potato skins with caviar was shit (even though I thought I enjoyed those the last time I was there), and we shared a main, linguine with scallops and truffle. (Yes, I am terrible. Anyone who dines with me can never have their own whole meal). But That Was Yums.

Then.. when I got home, as I came out of the lift, I was surprised to find a bunch of my brother's university mates at the lift lobby. The were there to surprise my brother for his birthday. So I had to go home and say ," Wesley, you left your car lights on."
He was caught completely off guard.
Awww... how sweet are they! I'm so envious! Never in my life have I had a surprise like this.
Happy Birthday Wes! What an awesome birthday you're having this year! Tomorrow it's dinner with mom and dad and then HK next week with meeee!


  1. Of course you never have such surprise, we don't know where you live!!! Come come, give us your address and you'll be in for one hell of a surprise MUAHAHAHAHA.

    Heh, but it's fun though :)))))

  2. hey holly! i had my solemnization at 1 twenty six back in june this year and i must agree with you that the food there leaves much to be desired... at least my wife managed to decorate the place nicely (can see pics on my fb @

  3. calis5:42 pm

    you are staying with your brother?
    I envy the good r/s you have with your bro :)

  4. ya.

    we were a 100 times closer as kids... inseparable. We would take turns playing. So some days we played with my barbie dolls, some other days we'd play Power rangers, ninja turtles, WWF wrestlers. Don't think we ever fought or argued.

    But now we do a lot of things without each other.. cos we have grown up and have our own lives. But still... at the end of most days, we'll chat or watch videos or discuss stuff/

    He's a LEO, I am a Libra.. and I think those signs definitely match well. I get along with Sagitarius, pieces and other Libras too.

  5. calis2:57 am

    So nice to see both of you are getting along really well, I mean nowadays there are lesser people who are close with their siblings already :D!


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