Earn Easy Money Without Working! (Seriously)


Whether you're a girl or a guy... you're going to love this one!! :) I mean... who doesn't want to earn easy money?!
You know how you sometimes receive ads or promos via SMS? I always get SMS ads from Starhub, Zirca, spas and nail shops... basically stuff I never signed up for (!!) in the first place and I don't get paid for it!!

Well... I think it's fab now that with , I can receive similar SMSs regarding promos and special deals I would actually be interested in... AND get paid for receiving them!

You don't even have to do anything... all you have to do is a quick sign up.
CLICK HERE to sign up!!
You can indicate your 3 top ad interests, so you will only receive ads that will be useful to you. I chose Women's Fashion, Food&Beverage and Sports.

DONE! Now you will get paid whenever you receive smads PLUS you can still earn even if you don't receive smads as long as your referrals receive smads.
The key to earning more is to refer more friends.

So, after signing up, you can post your uniquely generated link on your Facebook wall or Blog and get your friends to sign up through it. You're one of the firsts to hear about this( thanks to meee!)... so it's going to be much easier to recruit friends to sign up now ... ( pretty soon.... all your friends will be on board and you won't have many that you can refer and earn from! So be one of the firsts now, and start earning more!)
is also having a giveaway! Refer Friends (earn more through them!) and Win this whole outfit I'm modelling!
You get the dress, neckalce & heels!

So from now until August 31st, the person who refers the most friends to will win this outfit. (Don't worry, I'm not in the running for this contest...lol)

For more pictures of the whole outfit and details on this, you can join their facebook site (Click).


  1. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Holly have you receive any $ till today? Is this reliable?

  2. till today??

    no la. It's a new business, only a week or so old. I only signed up a couple days ago myself to see how it works and check out the platform etc.

    I like the concept. I think it will help students/ ns boys etc earn extra pocket $$ without actully having to do any work.

    They're building the database now, and ads can get sent out soon enough once there are enough ppl to receive them.

    I can vouch that they are not a scam because I have met up with them, and I trust them. Otherwise I would never recommend it to my readers.

  3. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I see! Actually i have already sign up for it and found a few referrals, i just asked to double confirm. cheers!(:

  4. well, you are being paid to advertise for them hence the advertorial...sounds like online MLM to me...

  5. Anonymous11:33 pm

    It's pyramid selling. Nuff said.

  6. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Gwen and Anonymous 11.33 - how can this by pyramid selling when we don't have to fork out any $ at all.. and we don't have to sell products to our friends?!

    I think it's a great idea, I always receive mailers through email and SMS as well from F&B companies and banks also. It's great that SMADS is rounding in all the advertisers and then paying the receivers of the ads a few cents to read each ad (that's me!).

  7. Sounds good, I've thought of an exploit though.

    Maybe I can sign up everyone in my contact list without them knowing and cash in on their behalf every month.
    My contacts get informed, companies promulgate their product, SMAds people get a commission and I get money. Its an all win situation:p

  8. Anonymous8:39 am

    agree with anonymous 11.58 that it cant be considered mlm since we dont have to sell anything to anyone and dont have to fork out money. in fact from what i read we dont even have to do anything except for sign up. i very scared this kind of things that looks scam-ish so i pored over their terms and conditions also. looks like there's no catch other than you can only cash out in multiples of $20. but i supppose that's not much of a catch since cashing out anything less than that oso no kick... -_-'

  9. Anonymous9:17 am

    I've signed up and referred some friends. But as it is new i think it's still not very stable. I have at least 3 friends who signed up via my referral link but it only reflects 2 on my page =( awaiting their reply to fix the problem..

    sure hope this idea works out though

  10. @JON- a verification code will be sent to that account's mobile number once you click "cash out", so you wont be able to cash out your friend's account as you won't have the verification code.

    @anon 8.39- yes, i don't see it as MLM or pyramid sellign either. (Trust me.. i get approached by those guys all the time... I hate it!)

    And there's really no catch. I even asked them, "do my readers have to like click a link in the ad SMS in order to earn the ad $?" And they said No, once they send u the ad sms, u earned the $ and whether you use the SMS promo, or if you don't read the whole thing because it doesnt interest you, tht's ok.

    @anon9.17 - yep, there are a few hitches that they're working on right now. we got to be patient :) it's sooo new.

  11. Anonymous10:12 am

    At least they're very prompt in replying queries and fixing the problems =)

    i also highlighted to them some security issues of the system.. and they're very receptive!

    Great attitude!

    - anon 9.17 haha

  12. hey holly, love the shoes! any idea where i can get them?

  13. hey janice.. u got to ask the guys at SMadS. you can drop them a facebook msg

  14. Anonymous11:36 am

    Just wondering does it cost anything to receive the SMS ads? I've signed up for something else before and I got charged $5 for each SMS I received. I almost died when I saw my phone bill at the end of the month!

  15. nooo they dont charge u..

    in HK now.. response might be slow...

  16. No you wont be charged anything for receiving the SMS.


  17. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Yah I also wondering will they charge the ads sms like some advertisement on TV? E.g. 1 sms = 30cents etc. and hence got cheated

  18. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Ya 29?? Aiya not old la...why do ppl say ya 30?

  19. No there is absolutely no charge at all! And there is no need to do anything with the SMS (like clicking a link etc) either.

    As long as we send you, we pay you. That's it!

    On your side, you will never have to spend a single cent at all... unless of course you decide to buy something after seeing the ad... :)

    @Janice 7.19 - We got the shoes from Hong Kong! To win it, simply be the one with the most referrals by 2359hrs, 31 Aug! Oh and you win the outfit and necklace as well.



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