Clean Clear Fresh Body!!!

(P/s-It's been all girly stuff lately, Next post will be one for the Boys, Promise!)

I have been using the ettusais acne Aroma Body Wash for well over a year now. I love its fruity scent, and how refreshingly clean my skin feels after each shower.

I don't use a big amount each time because it foams up very well. The rich lather protects my skin from friction and washes away sebum residue. Plus it makes me smell so fruity fresh!
For those of you who suffer from back acne (or chest acne!), you will love this body wash because it's gentle and oil-free (to counter sebum). Plus there is antisceptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients to suppress the growth of acne bacteria.

And now it comes in a new scent!!! Floral Fresh. (limited edition only)

Floral Fresh smells of rose, cherryblossom, water lily, kiwi and vanilla.

So you get the same skin care goodness of the original aroma body wash but in a new floral scent which relieves stress. I especially love using this one just before bedtime because it relaxes me and makes me feel happy.

The Medicated Acne Aroma Body Wash is sold at all ettusais counters at $34. (Check out their huge new counter at Heeren!)

There's one more body care product I want to share with you. The Medicated Acne Body Whitening Mist ($38). I've been using it for more than a year too.

I usually spray it on my chest and back after swimming (I rinse off the chlorine first though!). It has whitening properties which prevent the build up of melanine on my skin and AC Control Oil to prevent acne. My back is always blemish free... :)

It keeps my skin soft and supple. It gets absorbed fast so there's no sticky residue. It doesn't have a strong scent (I can't detect a scent)... so it doesn't clash with any perfume I use... ( I used a cocoa butter body lotion once... I liked it, but I could not stand the way it made me smell!).

The Body Whitening Mist is my all over body moisturiser now... because I've recently started spraying it on my legs as well... (the spray works upside down too) it's a lot easier to spray this everywhere than have to rub on body lotion. Great thing is... not only does it lighten any blemishes or sun spots on my back... but it lightened my mossie bite marks on my legs too. Whoo! Very pleased.

Ettusais counters are at: BHG Bugis , BHG Bishan, Isetan Orchard, Isetan Scotts , Isetan Tampines, Metro Woodlands (Causeway Point), Metro Paragon & ALT Heeren ( NEW!).


  1. Anonymous7:05 pm

    I have this!! I just love the soft floral smell too!


  2. Anonymous12:40 pm

    do you have back acne in the first place? does it really work?

  3. @CK- yeah i love the floral scent!

    @ anon- Nope, I don't suffer from back acne. I love this prodt for the aroma/scent.

    But it's very suitable for those with back acne as it is gentle, has no oil and has anti inflamatory ingredients.

  4. Anonymous2:03 am

    hi i bought the mist after reading your blog and when i tried to spray it it comes out as white and foamy instead of clear? pls advise. thanks!

  5. It is slightly opaque when it lands on ur skin.. n once absorbed, theres no colour at all.
    Foamy?? It shldnt be foamy at all. Shld come out as a mist (like in my pics). Did u shake the can?

    Never heard tht it was foamy b4! Try shakin well... if still foamy ( as in it sprays out in bubbles?) Let me know.. perhaps the nozzle is spoilt or somethin?? Dont know if thts possible.


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