Be A Living Paper Doll... at PaperPolly!

Remember how you would change you paper doll's wardrobe all the time when you were a kid? Well, 2 best friends set up PaperPolly with exactly that in mind. They want to help you relive that memory in real life!

They bring you trendy clothes at affordable prices...
Their collections are updated frequently...
And there's always Sales & Promos to give you an even better bargain...
Here are my favourite PaperPolly Pieces...
Lace Empire Dress $28
The layers... pleats, lace overlay.. very feminine. There's a lot of detail on this dress, making it look much more expensive than it really is. It's available in pure white and cream

Cherry pop tube dress (sold out already but you can check out similar cheery florals)
The perfect summer floral dress... perfect for an afternoon out.Gold button details give the dress a bit more pizazz.

There are also some options where you can take florals to work...

Two-tier Tailored Dress $24
This corporate looking outfit (it's in one piece) adds colour to your work wardrobe. The figure hugging bottom is a great figure enhancer too!

Dresses with unique backs are sexy. Every girl should have one... (or several!)

Cut-Out Back Panelled Dress$29
It's the way to be sexy without looking slutty.

If you've been searching for Cheongsams... they have a couple of them at PaperPolly too.
Oriental Cheongsam Dress $30
It's not free size, it's available in S, M and L so it will give you the best fit.
Don't forget to complete you paperdoll look with matching accessories as well...
Lock Heart Bracelet $20
Silver Headband $9
Their brand new collection was launched last night.
It's called back to basics because this collection boasts simple cuts in basic solid colours.Of course, simple doesn't mean boring! They still have a range of sexy back dresses!!!And playsuits! Do check out the Harem jumpsuit which is a combi of a jumpsuit with harem pants!Plus they've thrown in a solid pop of colour for good measure. :) (Did you see that PINK playsuit?!!!)
Yes... what better time to be a living paper doll than this National Day holiday?! (make use of this promo!)

Don't forget to join their Facebook page for pre-launch peeks of new collections and to grab their freebies as well.


  1. Brutally Frank10:05 am


    Your body looks scarily thin in that floral tube dress making your head looks big in comparision (doesn't do your pretty face any justice) it's not an attractive look at all. being too skinny is not beauiful. have a healthy, nice & curvy body at the right places is very sexy!

  2. Anonymous6:10 pm

    i agree with brutally frank. ur collar bone looks DAMN SCARY! are u anorexic? oh my gosh, cant get that the image out of my head....

  3. no worries.. not anorexic.

    i looked at the pic u were refering to.. only the higher and thinner bone (of tht triangle) is my collarbone, the lower thicker thing tht goes to the armpit is a muscle. Stretch ur arm out and feel it. tht muscle popsout when I stretch my arm out to take my own pic.

    But yeah, i guess if i were fatter, then fats would cover that muscle and it wldnt be visible.

  4. Anonymous7:36 pm

    perhaps you should seek the opinions of the friends/family you can trust whether you should start eating regularly adult sized meals & not kiddy's size meals. they are the best people to judge whether your body looks healthy the way you are now and if you would feel/look better if you eat more.

    i get the impression you think we could be jealous or anything along those lines by commenting that you are too skinny. hell no! i am also quite slim ( wears size xs or s) but no one would ever say i am being anorexic.

    it's just scary to see you in that state. ask your trusted friends/family or even Mark if you should start eating more. it affects your hair ( looks dry & brittle), your skin ( lacks a glow, heavily dependent on blusher),even your eyes look a little dull, smaller chest ( boobs are made of fats!)

    being skinny is not beautiful HJ, ask any guy. they prefer curves!

  5. aww.. thanks for ur concern.

    No, I dont think people are being jealous when they comment I am too skinny. ( I think people are jealous when they comment I have fat thights, fat arms, etc.. and I DO get those comments as well!) I just roll my eyes at those comments.

    But I am healthy... (fitness wise, probably still a bit underweight charts wise)... and some pics I just look skeletal in and some others taken in the same time frame, I look fine.

    My weight isn't yoyoing.. I think its just camera angles. And I have gained weight back since the initial big weight loss earlier thie year.

    As for family and friends, one is skinnier than me (lol), and the rest say I am too skinny, but they've been saying it for years! I've practically had it all my life.

    And I am not starving myself. I enjoy going out to eat good food. But I like eating small portions. And I don't like the taste of carbs (tasteless to me). It's just me.

    I don't mean to come across as some stubborn bitch where everyone is saying I'm too skinny, yet I indignantly keep on dieting or something. But I do like my body just the way it is as well.

  6. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Hope you're feeling and coping well. You don't look very healthy in the photo mentioned by the people earlier and I trust that you know how to take care of your health.

    Take care and bring some sexy curves back! ;)

  7. Dog is really cute. I had a maltese like too, they are fun furball :D

  8. CeLestiNa8:13 am

    Im sure HJ could take constructive feedback from her readers well : )

    All those that commented really show love & concern, simply becos as yr readers, we want u to be well & happy.

    I do agreed wif u tat certain photos & angles taken u look ok eg te 1 whc u wore te cute red checkered top. But those that in spagatti strap or tube dresses do make u look very bony & i knw u love wearg those rite? : s

    I knw u are happy with how u look now & all, we just worry abt yr weight. Eat well or should i say eat more pls. We wana see tat pretty & sexy HJ again : p

  9. Anonymous10:47 am

    This sounds like a problem I have. People often tell me I look too skinny. I am male and 2m tall about 75kg. I recently saw a TV show that said black is slimming, and the pictures they showed seemed to confirm it. I always wear black, and i know your probably saying that is crazy as hot as it is. As I have never been able to put / keep weight on i am beginning to think some of the comments may stem from my wardrobe. So i was wondering if you knew any fashion ideas to look bigger.

  10. Anonymous12:44 pm

    you're so skinny, your face is sunken in, your eyes are hollowed, your chin is sharp and you look like a drag queen...this is only because you are super skinny.

    I'm afraid you have a problem and need help. But i guess you won't acknowledge that you have a problem and if you think you look good then so be it. Reality will kick in when the trannies start hitting on you thinking you're one of them!

  11. huh? You are saying HJ looks like tranny?

    She looks like a model to me. Good face bone structure, great angles.

    Don't take all these comments about tranny hitting on you all that (really girls? Is that the best blow you can come up with?? haha)

    I got very inspired when I first started reading your blog last year and the first post I saw was a picture of you swimming. And that made me think- I want a flat tummy and toned body too.

    You are my inspiration.

    Just think I would like you to know that as I often keep quiet even when you get negative comments from haters. So I guess we should speak up more, so you know you are an inspiration to many.

  12. Anonymous3:03 pm

    I Agree with all other comments. You're anorexic..Look at the pictures in your "christmas wardrobe time" link. You look so much better there!
    I hate to say it but you're looking like a drag queen. And this is only because you're so skinny, your face is sunken in, your eyes are hollowed and your chin's sharp.

    Like it or not, the choice is yours. A pity a pretty face has a stubborn head..

  13. Anonymous6:53 pm

    I guess every now and then there will a moron coming in with unpleasant comments cos they are fat and ugly.

  14. Autymn5:21 am

    People who dishes out the word "anorexic" so easily just because someone is on the skinnier side DISGUST me. Good Lord. The ignorance. Just because a person is slightly bonier doesn't make her an anorexic dumbasses. Anorexics are real sufferers from SELF-ESTEEM issues and wouldn't be able to parade herself like Holly over here (no offence). Although I do agree Holly looks better with a bit more meat, blaming it on "anorexia" has got to be the DUMBEST thing anyone could have come up with. Not to mention, it's an insult and lack of respect to ED sufferers.


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