Sunday Lemmings: Vintage Inspired! (& DIY Half Moon Nails)

Vintage has become the ultimate trend of the moment... but proper vintage means sourcing for a unique piece of clothing or accessory from a different era... it has to be at least 20 years old, and it has to be well made (not just some piece of old shit).

I admire vintage fashionistas who fork out a lot of money for vintage pieces, and those who put in the effort thrift shopping to collect their vintage pieces.

But, Hello???? Not only is that either very expensive and nearly impossible to find ... but it's also kind of creepy ( I don't want to wear some dead chick's clothes).

But I do I love the look of vintage... and I don't think that we (short-cut, unorthodox vintage girls) should be left out of the vintage trend, especially since there's nice stuff that's Vintage Inspired and very affordable!
I love the frills, the femininity and all out prettiness of the look. Think Mary Janes, basket weave bags, florals, chiffon, lace and cameo pendants.
And yet, 80s inspired vintage fashion can be loud, and fun and colourful too. Think neons, spandex, flare pants, tinted shades!

My Vintage Inspired Lemmings this week....

I've been trawling around Milly Walker ... and they have some fantabulous vintage inspired pieces! And by fantabulous... I mean Vintage Pretty... not vintage tacky.

Chiffon, and frills, and pearly buttons... *heart*

I'm wearing the Huxley Chiffon dress in cream.

Apart from being short and comfy, the bit I like most about this dress is the collar... it's crinkled chifon... it adds texture to the whole outfit.

By the way, on my lips is ettusais lip color PK1, it's a light nude pink. Oh so dainty! And on my nails, I painted the classic HALF MOON nails to go with the vintage inspired look. ( I show you how to do this at the end of this post!)

I also did my own hair in a vintage inspired up do.... only hair spray and 4 bobby pins! No heat etc. ( Nice ah??)

P/S- Milly Walker wants my readers to know that - First time customers can join their mailing list to receive $3 discount for regular items. And all my readers, if you mention 'HollyJean', you will get 5% discount on their latest collection. :)


These dainty Mary Janes would go sooo well with vintage dresses...

I am deciding between those or these YSL inspired heels from xquisis to go with my vintage inspired dresses.

Xquisis has also brought in a Vintage Inspired bag collection.

Their Mulberry Alexa Inspired Vintage Flap Bag is only $27.90. That's cheaper than other blogshops. It's a good deal... (also in black and pink)

There are many nice vintage inspired pieces in this collection, so don't miss it ( I think the bag orders close today)! (But they can do back orders)

I wore a nice pare of flare pants (skirt??) in TheStyleHunter's latest shoot which I thought was really nice ( and slimming too).

I am lemming vintage Sunnies too!!!

These are from Missy Jay.

They have quite a range of vintage sunnies in their collections, from aurdrey hepburn-esque to the vintage rockstar type shades. You can see their vintage sunnies in these 3 links -> 1, 2, 3.

Ok, as promised... here's how I did the Half Moon Nails... using a white base, China Glaze-Paint the town red (from and ettusais Gel Nail top coat. No need for stickers or stencils.


  1. Janice7:47 am

    ick ick the hair is bad!!! Sorry! :P

  2. Anonymous10:57 am

    I like the hair do! Very quirky! Though not very YOU.. i prefer your bangs.

  3. kelsey11:12 am

    why do u make nail painting look so effortless? My hands kept wobbling :(

  4. Anonymous11:38 am

    no your bangs look dry most of the time and stick straight is so cheenapiang
    you look more elegant with your bangs up!

  5. Anonymous1:23 pm

    This is the first I heard your voice and I have no idea why people complain about your accent. It sounds very much like a typical Singaporean accent without the heavy singlish edge, which is pretty much how most radio/tv personality do... I have to wonder about the people who actually make comments about the way you speak geez...

  6. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Though I am not a big fan of this hairstyle, I do think you look better with a long side swept graduated bangs instead of the blunt cut you always have.

    That sounds kind of nosey hahaha... sorry. Anyway you have nice features so I guess no big diff huh ^^

  7. yes... my bangs have been frizzy lately... last rebonding place (in SIMEI!) fried my hair.. and I also had to chop off a lot at the back because of them..

    dunnoe why no one commented or noticed tht my hair shortened from

    to this (late last year):

  8. @anon 1.28 - OMG.. I like tht style!! thanks for the pic.. ur not being nosey... ur very helpful!!!

    but at the mo my fringe is too short. :( need a rebond this year. so will prob get the stylist to start side sweeping it.

  9. i agree about the comment on the fringe. i myself had have bangs like urs forever. i liked it at first but i realise over the years it actually makes me look older and more haggard rather than younger like i first thought. Side swept fringe makes me more youthful now and it will be better for u.

  10. Anonymous10:41 pm

    can see signs of ageing on holly already =(

  11. Yay! Me thinks imma gonna get a new hairstyle! :) *hope fringe grows out faster*

    @the last anon, seriously? Okay. Good thing my self esteem in not pegged on anonymous comments cos u wld have really cut me deep with tht one. :(

  12. Anonymous4:33 am

    And instead of getting it rebonded, why don't you get it relaxed instead? It is a lot less harsh on the hair cuticles and the results are very flattering, with slight waviness.

    Actually why do you have to get it rebonded? Why not leave it as is or get it curled?

    I honestly think you will look good with curled hair. And you can start sweeping your fringe to the side if you are sick of the blunt cut. And I think you will look fine even if you show a bit of forehead by combing it back or clipping it back.

    Slightly related:
    I don't know if you are familiar with TGC but it is a fashion event held twice a year in Japan. You should check out these videos. You can get some ideas for your hair (and to check out their cute clothes of course ;)

    The interviews:

    The show itself:

    These are the ones covered by Fashion TV so there are subtitles and you can check for passed seasons by searching on youtube.

    (actually that was a big digression. originally I just wanted to post this:

    I think you might look nice with this hair)

    Anyway from I can see, I think you might really like the styles featured in the Japanese magazine VIVI. Pick one up from Kinokuniya if you are interested in checking it out. They have lots of tips on makeup as well.

    (very nosey girl)

  13. Anonymous12:30 pm

    yeah ur skin looks a little dry and lack of the healthy skin glow.. skin dullness is a sign of ageing..but its natural process since we girls age after 25 :(

  14. try perming! i have very fine hair too but i think it went well!


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