Sunday Lemmings: BUMPER issue (including stuff for plus size!)

Today's Sunday Lemmings is a BUMPER issue... loads of pretty stuff. I really wish I had a huge walk-in wardrobe.. I think it would look like a boutique!

------------------- is back with a new site layout. Their new stock is not only dresses but tops, skirts, shorts etc. All less than S$25!

They also have the oh-so-popular convertible dress! (can be worn over 30 ways)

Join their Facebook. Twitter and Mailing list in order to stay updated on promos & pre-launches. :)

I wore their Twisted Scarf Collar Top on Friday... it was such a cool evening that I walked to the MRT station...(15mins brisk walk!). I love the colours of this top, and it's so comfy and airy too.


I was actually on my way to the Brand New ettusais counter at Heeren. It's the biggest ettusais counter in Singapore :)

Sheradine organised a secret Blogger's Party for the ambassadors and their friends.

And what's a party without party games right?! We were split into groups of 3... and we had to make over one team member.

My team mates were my fellow ambassador Sarah and her cute sister Eunice.

We made over Sarah into the sophisticated girl about town. :) And we won!

Our prize is stuff from the coming autumn winter collection ( woot! woot!! woot!!!) I can't show you yet.. but it's one of the lovliest shades of purples!

Pop into the ettusais counter when you're around Heeren (ground floor)... try out their colours and products :)


I just did another shoot with TBS Picture Productions for the latest collection at TheStyleHunter !

This collection is full of Maxi Dresses.

and other lemming worthy stuff... :)
Click here to see all of their latest collection.
Polka dots = instant cuteness

I think Rompers are so cute. I especially like this pink polka dots one from LustMonday.
It's pink with polka dots! OMG!

Love this cute pokie dottie frilly blue dress! from trendysg.

I always get messages from readers asking me to either sell plus size clothes or recommend blogshops that have them... unfortunately, there aren't many around...

But good news is.... The Golddust has just brought in a range of Brazillian Jeans for plus size and extra bootilicious babes out there. There's skinny jeans, jeggings, jeans with bling pockets, capris...(and they go up to size 20???)

Real sexy Brazillian cuts! Lift That Butt!!!
OK, Click here to see the whole range.
I painted this on myself yesterday... nice ??? Orly snowcone blue (from Bellouna spree) and ettusais gel top coat.
It was also the Blog Awards at Movida yesterday! I love my dress ( not a new one.. I've actually had it a year or so but only wore it once last year to RBS Couts Charity Golf dinner ! Note to self: must remember not to do hair all up and leave fringe down. Not flattering.
Ps- This if off the Sunday Lemmings topic... ( sorry)I didn't win the Blog Awards but I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. Having been in the top 3 in terms of votes in my category means a lot to me... and I'm glad to have your support.
Darren won the Best Lifestyle blog... and I like him. He used to play Ah guan ( David's best friend) in the series Growing Up when I was a teenager... ( was one of my favourite programmes on channel 5 at the time).... remember that??? :)
Phew! End of Sunday Lemmings: Bumper Issue :)
I got to sleep now!! Early morning shoot tmrw... OMGGGGGG ( Clarence... don't hate me for staying up so late and coming in looking like shit tmrw morn!)
(Next week- It'll be Sunday Lemmings: Budget Buys! )


  1. Anonymous9:41 am

    you're back to being the sack of bones...skinny...

  2. Hi Holly!

    Missed you at the awards! Was rooting for Your Blog!

    Anyway, take care!


  3. @anon9.41 - actually I gained a bit of weight back.. not sure if i lost it again... oh well.

    Hi ED!! Yeah I didn't see u either!!! I was rooting for yours! (nevermind...when it comes to having a story to tell, u cannot top cancer can u). Kudos to the winner. brave girl.

  4. Alicia1:03 am

    How did you do the 3D nails yourself? Share share!

  5. oh tht's easy... i place filmocanes on my nails right after I paint the ettusais gel top coat on. then wait for it to dry. :)

    The butterfly fimocane (from Aries) i had to glob on some gel top coat on the bottom of it as well, before placing on my nail. must wait will dry before u start moving/doing stuff otherwise u risk shifting it by accident(cos its quite big!)

    the flower filmocane much easier to place. those were from

  6. i love the photo of you in the denim shirt. u look very beautiful. ^^


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