Just Collected The iPhone 4

It's 4 am!!! My brother Wesley & I just got home. I accompanied him to collect his iPhone 4 from Starhub at Plaza Singapura.This is supposedly a short list of people who were already on the waiting list for the iphone 4. It was not open to public.

But when we got there at midnight.. the queue was super long. I think queuing is so bloody primitive. In this day and age... don't we have the resources to just settle these kind of acquisitions online and have the item dispatched to our homes?

Is it just marketing? To make people queue for hours so the item seems more coveted and hype is generated? I wouldn't queue for something for 3 hours... but I would do it to keep my brother company. (Even when I'm recovering from the flu!)

Starhub was very organised though, and the staff were very efficient. They even had staff walking around with trays of drinks and muffins. Hey Starhub, next time get those pasar malam food stall vendors in! Then we can buy Taiwanese sausage, Vadeh and cup corn! Food definitely makes waiting much more bearable... (just a suggestion!)

Ah... but at last it is here... the iphone 4. And I may not be an Apple fan, but I must say, this is one cool phone.

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I liked wearing this one best :) so sweet


  1. I saw people posting pics of Singtel launch, they had like 80 booths lol. People who had collection time at 3am were able to get them around 1am. I'm no iphone fan but i like fun events like this :D

  2. Took me a 2nd revisit to this post to notice the missing "n" haha. By invitation only ma. Bonaza it is :P

  3. hey HJ,

    is it possible to ask ur bro do a review on the iphone 4 here on ur blog maybe a few weeks after he've use it?

    since the US users were complaining abt major problems w the reception, would like to hear from a local user.

    tks ya!

  4. hey yah.. not sure if he'll have time for a full review...

    but in SG, reception completely no problem ( think it's a US isolated reception problem??)


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