iROO's Grand Opening!

iROO (Pronounced ee-row ) had it's official launch at Marina Bay Sands on 2nd July 2010 (last Friday).
All the models got there early that afternoon to get the hair and make up done. So busy!! Good thing that the iROO store's dressing room is HUGE!

Guess how many rollers the stylist put in my hair??







This Freaking Many!!!! :)
(I love the casual collection!!! You should go check out their denims.. the beauty is in the details!) And they cater to larger sizes too (I noticed).
And then she gave me an up-do.

Wardrobe from the Party Collection... finishing touches on hair... very Audrey Hepburn...
Then to positions as live manequins :)

It was quite fun to suddenly smile at on lookers. Or wink at little kids.

I think a manequin's life is tough! (by the way, that manequin behind me is wearing the gown I like!!)

The models who wore the casual and city collection. I Love colours!!!!
Media crew turned up as well for iROO's big night.

Jamie, Agri & I, in-store, in our party wear. Jamie's blue party frock is soooo cute! Reminds me of Papier Mache.

At the end of a great evening .. the group shot with the models and the iROO staff.

*clap* *clap* *clap* It was a successful launch !


I Loooveeee iROO!!!

This was my outfit on the following Monday when I had to go to town for a couple of meetings. LOL.. just can't get enough of iROO!
This top is from the casual collection... ($69)
More of a tanktop with like mini angel sleeves.
Love the cute details... gold sequins and a bow and bling for the dolly on my top as well!
I love my new roomy pink tote from iROO too. Great for road trips and shoots and all sorts, it's so spacious. Plus a funky zebra lining.

I've always wanted a huge leather bag to lug everything about. This one is so huge.. I can sit in it (no kidding!). It's $259 . My new favourite bag!

Check out all the fab stuff at iROO (Marina Bay Sands) and find your unique favourite pieces there too!

Me Looooveeesss it! :)


  1. Looks like you have one hell of a time. :)

  2. Anonymous8:09 pm

    imo the price is way nicer

  3. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Where did you learn how to do up your blog? All the CSS are so messy!

  4. @ kuen keat.. yes it was fun! but also a hectic week for me. yikes!

    @ anon 8.09- huh? way nicer than what?

    @ anon 11.35- i didn't learn it from anywhere. I just bish bosh and go by instinct.

    WHat is CSS anyway?

  5. Did iROO sponsor your wardrobe too? Wow, lucky you. Their stuff's quite pricey!

  6. Cascading Style shit lol

  7. @V... well not my whole wardrobe.. lol.. just my favourite pieces :)

  8. Anonymous3:19 pm

    So how did you know the code for the blog title & all??

  9. with the help of Google... and copy and paste from various templates.

    mainly trial and error.. step by step... one night.

  10. Anonymous5:32 am

    hi babe, u look great! I would like to ask, do u know the other model who was wearing a black dress too? She has really short hair. If u look at the 9th picture from the top (all you hot babes walking to take ur positions as mannequins), she's somewhere behind you. she looks familiar so was wondering if u know her name! haha hope u can help me out thanks babe. =)

  11. Her name's Chantel. (IIRC)


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